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On 20/02/2017 at 3:01 PM, oni nou said:


Anyway we will have to agree to differ on this as you are talking about a different level of riding than I am and any person reading this thread can make their own mind up about what set up is best for them; taking into account  how the bike is used.

To finish I can say from experience that after fitting 2cm high bar risers with 4 1/2" bars that my bikes reactions have not noticeably changed but I can definitely notice that the riding comfort has.

Not only do I raise the bar's, and rotate them forward, I also move the foot rests down and back.  80's Italian (and Spanish) twin shock bikes seem to be designed around riders well less that 6' tall, I would argue that all I'm doing is scaling up the position.  Having recently ridden a very nice bultaco in a two day trial, I can say the standard position didn't change my performance.

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Whilst "low" bars give better control clearly one size of bar can't suit everybody, given the large height variation between riders.

Risers can give a different effect to high bars.  I recently wanted to try higher bars on the 4RT but, being a trials rider, did not want to spend fifty quid on a set of bars, then again on another set to experiment with various heights.  I got a set of risers that give a variety of rises.

Due to the angle at which the bar clamps lie the lift given by the risers is not vertical, as it would be with higher bars, but also has a rearward component resulting in a currently unfashionable tiller effect, the amount of which varies with the rise selected.  This may not suit everyone and, in any case, reduces the resultant rise.

We did use higher bars back in the high footrest Bultaco days than we do now so possibly roughly similar stance but the works guys all seemed to be pretty tall then, ironically enough given b40rt's comment.

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