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Stiff fingers/Joints after heavy riding?

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Hi all, 

Does anyone else get stuff fingers and knees after riding a lot? I've only been riding a few months so I'm kind of hoping it's something my body's just getting used to. It only happens after a few days of hard practise/trials.

I tend to practice once or twice a week and have one maybe two trials a week also. I think a lot of it may be coming from practicing on my trials push bike in between.. first my fingers feel a bit stiff in the morning maybe my knees then if I practice again the next morning my fingers get that lock kind of feeling when I'm moving them. It doesn't effect anything other than being sore and annoying. I find I have to give it 2 days rest to feel back to normal at that stage. 

I think they are lasting longer before they get sore again so hopefully it will ease itself so I can practice until my girlfriend moans at me haha! 

Im only 25 and I've never had this problem until I started trials riding so I doubt it's arthirits.

Anyone else? Any tips if you've had it to overcome or deal with it? 

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For me I got a bit more of what you are indicating at first and it went down over time.  the second thing that helped me was setting up the bars and levers correct, turned out I had them to far back and the levers to far down.  however with going to that many events I would guess you have already address the setup of the bike.  

Oh and the more you turn with your feet the better as well.  

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Welcome to getting older.

My wrists are not the best thanks to riding with the levers too high, so don't do that either.

Knees that have hit too many rocks/trees, now are only ok if not over worked and kept warm, otherwise much pain.

A physio that helped setup the NZ institute of sport, told me that high doses of vitamin C (1000 mg +) per day, and magnesium for a week before and after an event helps with muscle recovery. Don't forget to drink s'loads of water as well, (recomended 3 lt/day). I couldn't go far from a loo for a couple of days, but it seemed to work, unfit me recovered in two days not a week (which was usual for me). And nowhere as sore. But don't continuously do this, as prolonged use might not be so good for your kidneys.

Training tip;

This can be done in the garage or driveway, or anywhere you have about 2.5 square meters.

If you can balance while stationary,without the motor, back break on (hard) and bounce (hop) the front wheel. Do this as long as you can. It helps your balance, works all the muscles you use riding, and is a awesome cardio exercise. See if you can do this continuously for 5 min.

Get a rear wheel support to keep the bike up if balancing is a problem

To learn to balance on the spot. Full lock, breaks on and carefully get on and try. The wheel on lock gives a wider more stable platform to balance. A bit like balancing on a 4" plank Vs a 1" plank.

To get the rhythm for hopping the front wheel; Stand astride the bike, Front break on, and push and lift the front wheel to find the rate it seems to work the easiest at. Note you don't have to be lifting off the ground doing this, just getting the feel for the rhythm / frequency that your forks work at. This is the best rate for hopping the front wheel. So when balancing try to "bounce the front wheel at this rate"

This is how I learnt anyway, hope it helps.

Sorry but its just loads of practice from here.

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I get the same thing.  A few of my fingers on my throttle hand feel like they are locking up the morning after riding a lot.  I have done some research and it all comes down to inflammation.  I get the same thing if I do a ton of yard work with a pick axe.  

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