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      Can't Log In?   02/25/2018

      If you find that you cannot log in to the foums after the recent upgrade then please follow the "Forgot your password?" link and reset your password. You can reset it to what it was before and remember to check junk/spam folders if you do not receive the password reset email. As some users do not have up to date email addresses on their profiles, contact me if the reset email is not received. This problem is due to removing the membership management system from the equation. It is supposed to keep everything in sync, but it hasn't done for some users. The password reset bit only has to be done once.
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Brand new 2017 4rt260

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You will probably only get 11 years of trouble free riding with this bike , oh you might have to replace a fender or two maybe a lever here and there but around 11 years and your gonna want to buy a new one and then again your probably only get another 11 years, Im speaking from experience. Im not trying to miss lead you i bought mine back in 2006. Now i have bought a new montesa 2017 300RR and yes i've already placed and order for a new front fender . Glad to have you in the club. Many have years of worry free riding gas and go.  

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