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Alpinestar Tech T / Gaerne Balance oiled

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Which boots are mostly recommended? Alpinestar Tech T or Gaerne Balance Oiled? They say ease of movement is more important than safety and hard shell which makes complete sense in Trials I think. Being a newbie, I am not sure. Thanks for your help. Another thing, is a helmet secondary for choice or weight being a big factor, do you recommend a special helmet's name?

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As for boots, if you like a very soft sole (that feels like a trainer) go for the Gaerne. The Tech T's have a harder, more supportive sole. That's the biggest difference. They're both good, it's just preference.

As for helmets just buy a good one, after all it's your head: Airoh and Jitsie are both rather popular. All the good ones are very light, so pick whichever looks nicest to you.

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Really already covered above...

if you like or need more support for the sole/arch of your foot AlpinStars, if feel and comfort is tops then Gaerne.  

As for helmet I would add to the above, fit, venting and protectiveness where the primary things I was interested in and the nicest ones I have seen for that are the Hebo Zone 4, Airoh TRR.  I think one of the Jitsie's are rated good there too but don't remember what one.  

If your not riding in a very hot climate most of the time then it's just fit and protection I would guess.

good luck.

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