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Montesa Cota 123

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Just dug out of my garage and cleaned after 20 years. Also now registered on its original V5 TLM 911M. Only problem is the standard unleaded petrol is making the fibreglass tank go sticky inside. Anyone know if Shell premium without ethanol stops this or has anybody tried the Aspen alkaline petrol in motorbikes. They sell it at our lawnmower shop either for 4 strokes or pre mixed 50:1. Only snag £18 for 5 litres. I'm not sure whether to line the tank and I've heard about people having nightmares with the coating failing. Someone also said to try and get hold of aviation fuel but I've no idea who'll sell that to me?MontesaCota123--20170222-190354592.jpg.6bc231a761604b904ca5a57dcf772367.jpg

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Contact the fuel company's in your area and ask specifically which of their garages stock non ethanol super uleaded fuel. (reason for using your area is some companys who do  ethanol free super unleaded, do not supply it to ALL their forecourts.)

Aspen is one way to go, (and I've also got a 123 cota which I'll be running it on, when its up and ready),

Shell have always refused to answer direct questions re ethanol in their fuel, so draw your own conclusions from that. 

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