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Bolton MCC Novex Series Round 2

On Sunday 9th April Bolton MCC ran their second Novex championship round. Running at the picturesque Catlow Ford just outside Burnley, a trials day could not have better. With a sunny spring day and routes from beginners to experts, all the 62 riders where catered for. All the sections were set out on the easy side but, as is always the case, easy trials still take marks.


First section keenly observed by David Fallows Snr caught the odd rider out but not much problem. Section number two a slippery climb round a tree was found easy for the experts but the club man and novice riders a few dabs where dropped.


Section three dropped into the slippery Catlow stream and a loop round a tree at the end which didn’t present much of a problem. On to number section four, the section where Mr Cripps lost the trial by going the wrong side of the end flag. After a lengthy discussion with the Observer he was still awarded his five and told to walk all of the section next time!


Section five was a tight turn up hill. Joel Holdsworth dropped his only marks here, but there were clean sheets from Andy Holker , A Smith and B Singleton, to mention a few. Section six was not much problem, so on to seven where Andy Holker, the ultimate Trial winner  lost his only two marks.


Section eight was where most of the dabs where dropped. A slippery stream and a tight turn at the end. Peter Clibburn took one of his three dabs here and won the over fifty's class. Over the sunny banking's to nine and ten, nine being a nice straight forward stream leading to ten a slippery stream with a muddy climb which took marks off most of the clubman class.


All in all an enjoyable Spring trial, Thanks to all observers and Bolton MCC.





Andy Holker 2

M Hopkinson 2

Andy Cripps 5



A Smith 6

B Cornthwaite 14

S Hoyland 14



B Singleton 6

N Baracas 13

I Mcmahon  14



J Duffy 2

L Sager 9

S Cornthwaite 14



Peter Clibburn 3

G Rushton 7

D Ketteringham 9



Owen Hardisty 13

D Wilkinson 13

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