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2010 Women's World Championship Round 3

Laia Sanz - Repsol Montesa completed her total domination of the 2010 FIM Women's Trial World Championship as she won the third and final round of the series held at Myslenice, Poland. Sanz looked in a relaxed mood, with her having already wrapped up the title at the previous Grand Prix, as she focused purely on maintaining her 100% record this season, which she duly did with some comfort. The fight behind her for second spot on the day, and with it the position of Vice World Champion in the final standings was anything but comfortable.

After a tense day-long battle with her younger compatriot, twenty-four year old Rebekah Cook - Sherco would eventually triumph on both counts as she finished as runner up in Poland and snatched second place in the series away from Joanne Coles - Gas Gas. This completes a hat-trick for the Sherco teamster, with Cook having also followed Sanz home during the previous two World campaigns. It was a cruel day for eighteen-year old Coles who had held second position from the start of the year only to lose out to one soft five on the final day.

Conditions in the steep wooded valley were extremely muddy, with incredibly heavy rain in the region having soaked the ground and caused some sizeable landslides in and around the town. The fourteen sections, which were ridden twice, with the exception of the final man made hazard back close to the paddock all featured muddy banks and used the stream that winds its way between the densely packed trees. Despite the nature of the going Sanz parted with marks in just two sections, five and twelve on her first lap before going totally clean on her final visit to the sticky zones.

It was the slippery climb out of the stream that caught out Coles early in the Trial and which resulted in the five that would prove to be so costly to the emerging teenager. Where Joanne failed, Cook joined Sanz with a single dab ride, with only Emma Bristow - Gas Gas - who would end up in a disappointing seventh spot - recording a clean here on the first lap. Coles was not the only one suffering early on, as Sandra Gomez - Gas Gas was awarded a five in section two due to her minder entering the hazard to move a small rock that was sat on the riding line. This penalty would deny Gomez her first podium place as she finished down in fourth on the day.

Germany's Rosita Leotta - Gas Gas secured sixth spot in the final standings after taking fifth place in Myslenice. Her result could have also been better, but a soft five in the arena style hazard right at the end of the first lap effectively cost her fourth position. Mireia Conde - Beta from Spain recorded her best placing of the season as she slotted into sixth spot behind Leotta. After a good opening lap Bristow's challenge fell apart slightly, as she failed to improve where her rivals had done, and thus fell to seventh position as the day came to a close. Thankfully for Emma she held onto fourth in the series despite tying on points with Gomez, the decision going in her favour due to her podium place in France.

With the individual duels between the Women having now been brought to an end, tomorrow the girls will forget their personal battles as they join forces in their respective teams to fight it out in their edition of the FIM Trial des Nations.

Final Results

1. Laia Sanz - 3
2. Rebekah Cook - 7
3. Joanne Coles - 10
4. Sandra Gomez - 14
5. Rosita Leotta - 16 (21 cleans)
6. Mireia Conde - 16 (19 cleans)
7. Emma Bristow - 18
8. Marilyne Journet - 26
9. Elisabet Solera - 29 (17 cleans)
10. Ina Wilde - 29 (16 cleans)
11. Sandrine Juffet - 29 (15 cleans)
12. Sara Trentini - 38 (12 cleans)
13. Pauline Schmitt - 38 (10 cleans)
14. Alba Villegas - 40
15. Connie Ludvigsen - 44

2010 Womens Championship Final Standings

(Best two results count)

1. :Laia Sanz - 40
2. Rebekah Cook - 34
3. Joanne Coles - 32
4. Emma Bristow - 26
5. Sandra Gomez - 26
6. Rosita Leotta - 22
7. Ina Wilde - 18
8. Sandrine Juffet - 17
9. Javier Conde - 16
10. Maryline Journet - 15

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