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Website Help & Frequently Asked Questions

You don't have to register to enjoy the majority of content on Trials Central. Registering allows you to partake in adding comments to our news articles and to join in on the popular Trials Central forums. Even if you're a "lurker" and read our forums, but have no intention of posting, registration still has benefits. The forums will remember what topics you've read, show you new content since your last vist etc.


If you want to post news articles and events on behalf of your Club or organisation or you want to access Trials Central Supporters content then registration is a prerequisite.

Creating a user account on Trials Central is dead easy and will only take a couple of minutes. Simply sign up via the registration form by clicking here.

Absolutely no way. We hate spammers and will never use any personal information you provide except to contact you regarding your account or to provide information relevant to Trials Central e.g. To notify you if you've won a competition. We also guarantee we will NEVER pass your details on to any third party except when required by court order or by law. You can read our full privacy policy by clicking here.

It's dead easy to get your news and events on Trials Central. If you don't want to post events to our calendar and just submit post-event reports/results then you can simply email them to and we'll post them on your behalf. Note, however, we won't post events to the calendar on your behalf. We simply don't have the time. If you want to post events and/or post your news yourself then follow these simple steps:


Firstly you have to be registered on our systems. If you already have a Trials Central Forum Account you can use that registration. You don't need a seperate registration.


If you're not already registered then you can do so by clicking here - it's free, simple and will only take a couple of minutes.


Once you're registered, log in, go to the front page of Trials Central and you will see your User Menu in the upper left of the main index page:


default user menu


If you don't see the above menu then it may be because the system thinks you're logged in to the Forums, but not to the front of the site. Click  this link to logout of the site then Login using the  Login/Register link on the front page of Trials Central (this will also log you in to the TC Forums). If this occurs then it should only be the very first time you log in.


Click on the "Request Publishing Rights" link and fill out the simple form. We will then upgrade your user account to give you rights to add events and news items. This is done manually, but we aim to have each application completed within 24 hours - usually faster.


We will email you with the next steps once your account is upgraded, but it's extremely easy and there are very quick step-by-step guides on how to post both events and news items on your User Menu once your account is upgraded.

Yes - with conditions. Our policy on this has changed. Clubs and organisations may now post news on events coming THE FOLLOWING WEEKEND ONLY from Wednesday through to Saturday. Trials Central is very busy from Sunday through to Tuesday as people look for results/news from that weekend's events. Traffic then drops off a bit before rising again on a Sunday. Allowing pre-event news will balance the traffic out more whilst providing additional exposure to our contributors. Each event may be promoted on the front page news system once only.


NOTE: News about event cancellations/venue changes can be posted to the News front page at any time and are not subject to the Wednesday-Saturday restrictions detailed above.

In short, no. Clubs who take advantage of the massive reach of Trials Central to promote events, but provide zero follow-up will have their publishing rights removed. That isn't in the spirit of Trials Central and providing post-event information gives valuable exposure to your Club or organisation. If you don't have time to email post-event items yourself or are not comfortable doing so, just email whatever you want to and we'll post it on your behalf.

We want it back too! The new Trials Central uses a completely different news publishing system from the old. It's a lot more versatile, but also a lot more complex. To speed up the delivery of content the system uses caching which means it doesn't have to render complete web pages every time they're requested. The upside of caching is that content is delivered faster. The downside is that the article hit counter doesn't register every view and grossly under-counts the number of views. We're actively looking for a way round this or an add-on counter that registers views properly.

Possibly. Trials Central does have some budget for sponsorship, having previously engaged in sponsorship investment in big events like the Scottish Six Days Trial and the Scott Trial. There isn't a huge amount in the kitty, but if you don't ask you don't get so use our contact form to get in touch with details and we'll let you know. Our preference is to invest sponsorship money in Trials events raising funds for charity, but we're not adverse to programme advertising, section sponsorship at select Trials or contra-publicity deals where Trials Central promotes your event in return for Trials Central publicity at the event. Get in touch.

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