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Bultaco Alpina M85 - Late 1972 / Early 1973 including £750+ of Parts

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Bultaco Alpina M85 - Late 1972 / Early 1973 including £750+ of Parts

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2,000.00 GBP

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I imported this bike from Spain in February last year as a project for restoration.  The import was done correctly and the bike has a NOVA certificate.  The bike has not been UK road registered.  If you do register the bike for the road it should be classed as a Historic Vehicle and as such is Road Tax and MOT exempt (saves a few quid every year!).  This bike has been ridden quite a lot and has a odometer showing 22647KM.  It has matching frame and engine numbers.  This is a really nice restoration candidate as it doesn't seem to have been messed about with too much.  The usual parts like levers, grips, chain and sprockets etc will all need replacing but these are easily available from a variety of suppliers.

These bikes are essentially Model 80 (Early 1971 / Early 1972) Sherpa T's with a larger petrol tank (double the size), comfy seat and slightly altered gear ratios.  The ratios would probably still be suitable to trial.

When I bought this to restore I also bought the major parts that would need replacing as part of the restoration.  The sale includes these brand new parts totalling over £750.

Brand new parts:-
    Complete seat
    Chain guard (deep style used on early models)
    Full exhaust system (Chrome front pipe, steel middle box and triangle box with chrome grill)
    Tail light
    Light and kill switch
    Rear brake light switch

---Engine and Carb---
The engine turns over and has some compression.  It will need a full rebuild from the inside out as I have not heard it run.  I have also not opened it up and do not know the condition of it.  The gearbox moves and has engaged and disengaged gears.  The kickstart spring is broken as the kickstart does not automatically return.  Kickstart looks to be the original and even has the remains of the Bultaco rubber on the fold out part (which incidentally is a bit floppy).  Engine has an Amal 627 carb which is original fitment which will no doubt need a strip and rebuild too.

The exhaust looks usable but it is very tatty and has had what my MOT tester would call "a quality bodge" where the front pipe and middle box meet.  This should be a rubber joint but as you can see isn't.  The middle box looks to have been cut in half probably to be re-packed.  This is why there is a full brand exhaust system with the bike as chromers don't like doing old exhausts as it ruins their chrome baths.  The rear box was also incorrect a club-foot silencer had been welded on to the frame.  This has been removed but will be included with the sale.

Has the correct "Slimline" style airbox with the filter gauze and filter spring.  There was a foam filter but it had disintegrated so I chucked it in the bin.  The airbox to carb rubber is there but is perishing and will need replacement.

---Frame and Swingarm---
The frame is in what looks to be the original silver paint, where it has rubbed off (from boots etc.) it is showing bare metal.  The tubes under the engine and the perforated bash plate are nice and straight with very little damage (unlike most of these machines).  The side stand is still with the bike as well and not been removed like on a lot of machines.

Most of the bolts are the original Bultaco ones with Bultaco stamped on the heads.  This is nice to find as a lot just get replaced with standard bolts and also shows the machine is generally as it came from the factory.

There are a couple of repairs required to the frame; the rear mudguard mount on the nearside is snapped and an additional exhaust mount was welded to the offside.  This was where a club-foot silencer had been welded on.  I have removed this as it is incorrect for this model and is very heavy (however if you want it you can have it!).  The remains of the bracket need to be ground off.

The swingarm has additional mounts for rear footrests (also on the bike) as these were designed to take a passenger too.  Has the oil filler bolt and oil regulator bolt still in the swingarm for the in swingarm chain oiler.

---Forks and Yokes---
The fork stanchions are in excellent condition with no pitting or damage on the sliding surfaces.  Even the upper stanchions are in the same condition where the headlight clamps are located.  The lower fork legs are in really nice condition no massive gouges or dinks and dents out of them.

The yokes are in good condition with the "tapered" style top yoke and the flat steel bottom yoke.  The steering feels remarkably good with no noticeable notches or tight spots.

The bars are the early "cow horn" style the chrome is pitting a bit so could do with replacement or a re-chrome if you like the high bars look.  The throttle is a metal Amal straight pull style and is in OK condition could probably use a good clean and polish.  The levers are Amal / Amal Style but will need replacing (one has the ball end broken off).  The grips are the Bultaco style (the Bultaco logo is still visible on the thottle side) but again are worn and need swapping.  Rear brake pedal is the correct unit not an after market item and is not bent.  There are no control cables with the bike as they were removed to store the bike (I removed the bars to make it easier to store).  The cables were very worn and would not have been usable again.  The rear brake rod is present with the winged adjuster 

---Tank and Seat Unit---
This is in very good condition with no huge lumps missing or broken sides (it does have a few nicks here and there).  It does not have a seat but there is a new one included in the sale.  The tank looks to be in the factory gelcoat blue, silver paint and yellow striping.  The tank has had a small fibreglass repair on the underside near the petrol tap.  The rear of the tank unit where the seat locates is original with the extra fibreglass underneath, you can still see the makers number on it (91).  The tank holds fuel and pressurises when you blow air into it with the taps and outlets closed off.  I would recommend Caswell sealant (or similar sealant) before use especially with modern ethanol fuels.  The tank cap has a small missing piece at the front.

Front mudguard is plastic and is will need replacing, the rear mudguard is aluminium and is just about usable (lots of extra holes and a bit bashed about).  Both would need replacing, I would recommend plastic guards as the aluminium ones bend so easily!

---Chain and Sprockets---
These are completely worn out and need replacing.  Has the early forward facing chain tensioner which is correct for this model.

---Wheels and Tyres---
Both of the wheels have the original deep flanged Akront rims.  Both wheels are in good condition with no massive buckles or dents.  Some spokes will need replacing and the wheels could probably use truing up, this being said they are far from the worst I have seen (and indeed ridden with).

The front is the "Parallel" style full width hub.  The rear has the heavy conical hub with a bolt on flange on the non drive side.  You don't have to worry about flaking chrome liners with these hubs as they don't have them!

Speedo drive is also present on the rear wheel with a cable running up to the headstock.  The odometer is included with the bike however I do not know if it works.

Tyres are scrap.  They are old, cracked and very worn.

The electrics will need re-doing the wires from the stator plate have been cut about a foot from the stator plate.  These can be rejoined and taken up to the original connector block which is still present under the tank on the nearside.  Has a Femsa coil on the frame with a decent plug cap.  There is currently no wiring for the lights fitted I will provide a wiring diagram for the new owner.  The wiring on these machines is very simple and easy to replace.  Front and rear lights are on the bike but there are new ones to replace them as they are both smashed.

---Other Information---
Bike is located in Leicestershire.

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