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  1. In: Montesa 315r rebuild/4rt conersion

    By jimmyl, 05/23/2020

    Think it’s just an early 315 painted in repsol colours and a 4rt rear mudguard 

  2. In: Montesa 315r rebuild/4rt conersion

    By PFEARNS, 05/23/2020

    Hi there i came across this amazing looking bike in a classified listing before i go on this is not my bike i do not own this lovely machine however after seeing this i had to share with the trials community out there as its just an amazing rebuild from a 1999 montesa to a 4rt repsol look a like i have owned a 1999 montesa 315r witch i sold in 2013 witch i very much regret doing as for a bike of its age it was an awesome bike to ride and a very reliable and capable bike also from a clubmans trial riding upwards the bike could and still does hold its own with the new bikes that are out there at any club trial event at the time i sold my 315r are there where a lot of people doing the 4rt rear mudguard conversion witch brought the bike right up to date looks wise i have seen a few out there on the internet that have had total rebuilds with the rear guard conversion new frame colours and themes with complete engine rebuilds and trick everything very good looking bikes and as a trials bike with its history with dougie,colley,avahla,colomer,fujinami etc even jason finn found it one of his fav bikes for his trick shows and now with the 4rt,toni bou,fuginami,busto etc it is one dam good trials bike and a for sure future classic i have seen there price just increasing a very rapid rate i paid £950 for my '99 315r in 2009 witch was in very good condition at the time a good example today will cost you anything from £1800 upwards and then going onto £3000-£3500 for a really good last of the line 2004 example and the prices are still rising anyways when i seen this bike and the time and effort that had been put into this rebuild/conversion i was blown away this bike and the way its been executed could sell up there price wise with a brand new bike from most manufacturers its a work of art in my eyes and one hell of a good looking bike that i'am sure any trials guy or girl would love to have in there garage so i would just like to take my hat off to the creator of this lovely machine and i'am sure there would be a que around the corner of his home of 315r owners wanting one built to this level for there own me included if i still had mine well done and what a machine.

  3. In: FANTIC 50 cc trials bike

    By benborisjamimajess, 09/09/2019

    Hi. do you still have this bike? and if so where are you based?



  4. In: Bultaco sherpa

    By Dragontest, 08/10/2019

    Is this still for sale?

  5. In: Yamaha TY 175

    By Pftrials, 10/15/2018

    Nice bike my first trials bike was a TY 175 great to see a nice excample like this it’s a credit to you very capable machines.

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