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  2. the dabster

    Beta evo fork top

    I know this sounds stupid but you did slacken the clamp bolts that create the circumferential pressure on the fork leg? This makes a difference. The lower bolts hold the leg but the top ones' exert significant force, enough to put strain on the cap.
  3. Flooky


    Yeah it is. he he.
  4. Flooky

    Beta evo fork top

    Yeah, makes sense, I will tidy it up with a file and hand tight it. cheers
  5. Today
  6. pjw123

    Cleaning oiled boots?

    99% of trials boots will eventually let in water, regardless of how much you lash on the waterproof gear. so invest in a pair of SealskinZ water proof socks. Ex NATO, EBAY. Bring back NCB wellies that's what I say.
  7. carl ekblom

    tiger cub forks

    1,5 degree rake at the yokes increase wheelbase approx 20mm and decrease trail the same amount. Less trail is generally considered to make steering quicker but more unstable when straight running. Old british bikes often had a 27 degree steering angle. This man modify an OIF BSA frame to 21 degree.
  8. faussy

    Cleaning oiled boots?

    Whenever i had a pair i used to slap on used gear oil (no jokes)
  9. motosolex

    Cota 49

    Big Shiney Bike. Thanks The Cota49 motor is based on the JLO/ILO G50 Piano. My son (baures PDX) and I split the case and it looks like the top end and clutch need a redo! Any good sources of parts for the G50? Also any technical info on the engine would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. nigel dabster

    Boyesen Reeds, Worthwhile?

    pretty sure dual stage reeds dont have stops any bike?
  11. copemech

    2001 250 smoother running

    an option, indeed!
  12. copemech

    Honda tlr 200 kill lanyard/wiring loom help.

    Ja=SUS MAN! Leave that pristine example alone and go butcher up something else ffs!
  13. dabba

    Honda tlr 200 kill lanyard/wiring loom help.

    Hi Stuart, a lanyard kill switch is a direct replacement for the original kill switch which was fitted to your bike. Disconnect the original kill switch and connect the two wires from the lanyard switch into the same connectors in the wiring loom. You might have to change the connectors on the lanyard kill switch to match the loom connectors, or solder the wires together. It doesn’t matter which way round the lanyard wires are connected, as the kill switch shorts out the coil live feed to earth.
  14. lineaway

    Beta evo fork top

    It only needs to be hand tight. The o ring seals it. That is how I know when somebody else has been in a fork.
  15. Yesterday
  16. markparrish

    Cleaning oiled boots?

    it smells lovely too!
  17. EREM

    tiger cub forks

    Therefore I understand that 1.5 yokes "close" the steering and shorten the distance between axles. My tiger cub with montesa forks (parallel yokes, centred axle) feels quite heavy and does not turn very well. From the information that I got, it seems that a Tiger cub with original frame goes better with 1.5 yokes. According to Carl explanation, I guess a more closed steering makes it lighter in front and facilitates turning...
  18. dan williams

    2019 NETA schedule

    Yeah I think he just needs a break.
  19. trapezeartist

    air box blocker for evo ?

    My 50% optimism was about right. It about 50% worked. The top surface of the plastic thingie was very wet and a bit muddy, so it had stopped all that going into the air filter. On the other hand there was plenty of dirt in the filter and a little bit of wetness at the bottom point. I don’t expect it to live more than half a dozen trials, and I certainly won’t be paying another £12.99 for a piddly bit of plastic. I’ll hunt around for something of the right thickness and stiffness and make my own.
  20. trapezeartist

    Hello! from the South of Spain

    I think I remember it. We had lunch in a local bar there once on the way to Granada. Funny place (if I’ve got the right village); one of those where you check to see how many fingers the locals have on each hand😳.
  21. My Ossa Super Pioneer 1976 has just passed the ITV. It does not have a front brake light switch nor did it have a mirror fitted.
  22. rocker1

    Carole Nash Off Road Insurance

    I used to love Carole Nash before they went all commercial. I had three bikes insured with then and they asked what else I owned. I said a motor home and they duly quoted. Three times more than my current premium. when I queried it they said " we don't really like motor homes"
  23. boner

    Cleaning oiled boots?

    Thanks for the replies - I’ll go and buy a pot.
  24. trialsrfun

    Cleaning oiled boots?

    http://www.duckswax.co.uk This is made by a fellow trials rider and works like a dream on my Gaerne oil finish boots. I speak only as a satisfied customer, if you went to Telford Show it was available there from the duckswax stand.
  25. petorius

    Bing Carb problem

    Just bought a float listed for BMW myself.The seller was on ebay but looks as though mine was the last one as they are no longer listing it. Looks the same as you have shown and fits fine in Bultaco Bing 84 or whatever it is. From memory the Bing part number is 300 or 301.
  26. trialsrfun

    tiger cub forks

    If you look at the two lines on the left picture posted by Carl you can see that the space at the lower end is greater than at the top this is where the 20mm comes from.
  27. jon v8

    Cleaning oiled boots?

    I'm very cruel to mine, they are sat in front of me right now having been steam cleaned last night,dried in the sun and wind today. A good coating of Duckwax will go on them and they can sit in front of the woodburner for a couple of days. Considering how badly I treat them they have lasted well,I'll buy another pair the same and abuse them too.😉
  28. boner

    Cleaning oiled boots?

    What do I need to use on my oiled Gaerne boots to keep them happy? Boner
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