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  2. leosantanalg

    Weight of fly wheel different manufactures.

    How about diameter then? Who has it bigger?
  3. b40rt

    Weight of fly wheel different manufactures.

    Can't compare on weight alone as diameter is a major factor.
  4. Does anyone have the above data? How much weigh the fly wheels of 2rt and 4rt it by brand?
  5. DaveKaye

    Tow bar & Dave Cooper bike rack

    I understand what you mean and perhaps I do worry but when you have 5.5k worth of bike on the back of your van I think it's important to consider all the factors. I may have overlooked the speedbump but my point is that the maximum nose weight allowed must have nearly doubled. If the rack or tow bar had failed then who would be at fault because the tow bar manufactures wouldent have accepted liability.
  6. model80

    Bultaco parts

    Hi Bill, Your end results are looking good. The 199A is a smashing bike and it's great to see another coming back to life. I recall about 20 in total mostly 325's and a few 250's been brought into Ireland. I have a parts manual which provides very good exploded drawings of all the components if your even in doubt about anything. I have a slow burn restoration of two Sherpa's ongoing, I'm hoping to spend some time working on the 199B over the Christmas as I have a bit of time of work.
  7. misscrabstick

    Tow bar & Dave Cooper bike rack

    I have used the cooper rack on several cars carrying Ty250's and Betas, you are worrying too much, check all the nuts and bolts every now and then and relax.
  8. model80

    Bultaco Astro.History lesson needed

    I recall one Astro been imported into Ireland in the early mid 70's. The chap who rode it was in the Experts and was fairly handy. I last saw the bike in the mid 80's. It was used in Irish Grasstrack Events. Our version of Grasstrack Racing is using a reletively flat field or one with gentle slopes and hills, with sweeping bends etc. Must make a few enquiries to see if it survived.
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  10. Bilko

    Hello from East Yorkshire

    There's also Scunthorpe Trials Club
  11. I've got a concern regarding Tow bar nose weights. I've a tow bar fitted to my van. When shopping around I found most tow bar manufactures advised max nose weight of 70kg. My beta weights 65kg approx. The Dave Cooper tack fits nice and tight on the tow bar. The other day I got caught out with a speed bump with the bike on the back. I can't imagine how much the nose weight increased by when going over the bump. After stopping to check 1 of the tie downs had come very loose but also noticed the the tow bar had slightly dropped. I took it to get checked and It had moved only a few millimetre and had to re-tighten the fixings.
  12. dan williams

    Hard to start beta rev3

    Just rings I think. If you don't hear a slap you're usually good on a trials bike. They just don't stress pistons like other bikes. You can get rings from just about any Beta dealer or the beta importer at betausa.com Your parts diagram https://www.betausa.com/sites/default/files/pdf/2012Support/Parts Diagrams/Mototrial/Full Size/2000 Rev 125-270 2 stroke.pdf Looks like your rings are part# 28.52200
  13. lotus54

    Fuel use 280i

    For whatever reason on my bike- after 100 hours or so I found the TPS setting was no longer at spec. Perhaps the idle stop was worn a bit or something like that. But when I check it I can see it is no longer correct. It only takes a minute to set and at least for me, really makes a difference on the off-idle running. I’ve changed to the BTWICE throttle body, and the idle seems more stable and perhaps the TPS isn’t changing as much. But if I connect the computer, I’ll always check it and adjust if not perfect. It is so easy. I like to hook up to the bike every so often and it takes me awhile to get 100 running hours anyway. but that has just been my experience. I don’t ride the Factory enough to get lots of hours, but it is just as touchy on the correct TPS setting. Mark
  14. jaysee

    2018 Beta 300

    Time Left: 27 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    2018 Beta 300cc Very good condition and ready to Trial! £4300 07738554417

    4,300.00 GBP

  15. canada280i

    EFI OSSA: How Many Kicks to Start Yours?

    Just pulled my ossa out, dusted it off after a year without being started and it started on the 4th kick, set them up right and they start just like any other bike
  16. PRS

    2017 Beta 300 4T

    Time Left: 27 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Very good condition. 2018 spec. engine and electrics. Factory exhaust. Recent suspension bushes.Good tyres, brake pads, chain and sprockets. Road registered. Tel. 07712 131353.

    3,600.00 GBP

  17. jfc

    GasGas TXT80 Won't Start

    Have you turned the bike upside down with the plug out to remove the excess fuel from the crank, turn it over by hand with the kickstart pushing out the fuel through the plug hole. (Make sure the spark plug is well away from the fuel!) check carb float and needle are working as it sounds like the fuel is just over filling the carb!
  18. johnny_rotten_dab

    Fuel use 280i

    Hi, the only way to set these up correctly is with the cable and software, and the sensor has to be cleared with the ecu BEFORE adjustment for idle, you maybe lucky and be able to set tickover near enough by ear, but then fuel economy may suffer, the other issue is the actual software map installed in ecu, the software reports what map version is installed in ecu ........aswell as run hours and many other things!
  19. Dillypoop

    GasGas TXT80 Won't Start

    I just picked up this GasGas txt80 yesterday for cheap ($600 US). It's a 2001 model, from what I can gather. The PO said the bike was "hard to start and running poorly." Well, I got it home and tore into it to figure out what it is. First thing I noticed was fuel EVERYWHERE! They just cleaned it off when they brought it to sell, but fuel had filled up to the expansion chamber and all the way back into the carburetor. Weird, but okay. I noticed the carb fuel vent line was missing so I added that. Maybe the float got stuck and couldn't flow out fuel because it couldn't build up head on the vent being as high as it is? Second thing I noticed: "Well taken care of." Ha, right! Then, I noticed this: I guess that'd cause it to be hard to start, huh? Gas was squirting out of it and the head pipe while trying to kick it.. Anything else y'all can think of to check first before ordering parts? Spark is good, it's wanting to start. Compression is 165psi. Seems high for a head problem. Rings, piston and cylinder look fine but I haven't measured ring end gap yet; just a quick look through the exhaust port.
  20. Dillypoop

    Texan New To Trials

    Howdy y'all, I just picked up my second trials bike a few weeks ago - a 2010 GasGas txt300 Raga. It's been a good little scooter and I've gone to a couple trials events already. I've been riding off-road most of my life, so this is a good learning experience! My previous trials bike was a '03 Scorpa SY250 and I just picked up a '01 GasGas txt80. So, I've come here for some help rebuilding various things on these bikes!
  21. dhrcprice

    Floating front brake disk NOT floating

    Thanks for all of the advice, I think I've now found what the problem was. On closer inspection it appears the that reason the disk freed up when it pulled it sideways is that it moved the pads apart. The reason for the dragging of the brakes was the pads getting stuck in the caliper. I removed the pads and the pistons were free but the pads were very tight in the caliper due to brake dust and slight corrosion. So I cleaned out the caliper and removed all of the dust and corrosion off the pads with a piece of emery paper and put everything back together. I've just been out and ridden the bike for an hour and everything is still free. Every day's a school day I guess.
  22. oni nou

    Hello from East Yorkshire

    My speciality is Braktec and the added 'E' and 'H'.......you do that one... we will spread the load ....although I think that may be Spell check interference,
  23. d2w

    Gas Gas TXT 280 Pro low power and hard to start

    I suggest that you also verify that the piston is installed in the correct orientation; you want it so that the ring retaining pins (and hence the ring ends) do not pass any port openings in the cylinder (where they might catch). Normally, a piston will have a mark (typically a "V") stamped on the crown, and that's to be oriented towards the exhaust port. I can see an "A" on your piston which corresponds to the size (first oversize), but I don't clearly see the "V". Or maybe the "V" is there amongst the other lines/marks. Just have a look. I will be obvious when you remove the jug as to whether or not the piston is installed correctly; you want the ring ends towards the rear-half of the jug,
  24. section swept

    Hour meter

    £6.00 Asda look for the cycle accessories display Bell products cycle computer, does speed, distance and a few other techie things and has a memory. Its small, light and comes complete with all fixings. You may need to make a mounting for the sensor a fairly easy thing to do, waterproof too!👍
  25. section swept

    Hello from East Yorkshire

    TRIALS please its trials...over to you oni nou🙂 I used to moor my boat at Hull Marina....if you speak to the lockie he might let you ride around in the lock entrance when the tides out be good for your mud technique (I jest) ....seriously though welcome to TC
  26. section swept

    Gas Gas TXT 280 Pro low power and hard to start

    Riding in 6th gear at high rpms is NOT recommended that you shut the throttle and coast, then crack it open again, you will rapidly starve the piston of oil with throttle closed. Even on long downhill sections in trials/practice you should be holding the throttle slightly open to allow fuel and oil mix into the cylinder to lube piston and rings. The black colour is combustion carbon starting to form, on a re-built or new engine after a short run you would expect to see carbon deposits forming as a sooty damp residue....this would just wipe off. However after a long engine run time this residue will fotm into a flakey substance and gain hardness from being continually heated by the combustion flame front. The term de-carbonising didnt come about by luck, it was a d is necessary to allow your engine to run at its best. The carbon does get down into the ring land (grooves) and helps to build up a seal....one of the reasons for running in an engine! Carry out all of the checks that lineaway has suggested, plus drain the crankcase and also clean the radiator matrix, those fins look like there is mud in between them. Your spark plug will appear wet if you start the engine, run it and then shut down as no resl hest will have been transfered to the plug tip area...thats a plug chop exercise...Google it saves me writing👍🙂 Then there are the crankshaft oil seals to worry about as if these are worn or damaged they will have an effect upon the way the engine runs overall....the list goes on and not to be disrespectful to you I would hazard a guess that your Enduro mount is a four stroke and your mechanicing skills are still developing. We all learn something new each day so lets hope you get to the bottom of this engine issue 😉
  27. lineaway

    Gas Gas TXT 280 Pro low power and hard to start

    I would have liked to see a pic, before you cleaned it up. From the second picture it looks like the cylinder was leaking into the water jackets. I would pull the cylinder off and have a good look at the piston and rings. With using H1R, chances are your rings are just stuck as Bel Ray products leave a real gummy residue. (I used to get all B.R. products cheap and loved H1R until I saw the insides of my motor.) You will need to remove the rings and clean up the grooves. So you will need a base gasket, and orings. Rings if you feel like it. Two things to check while going back together would be the water pump and make sure the fan is working properly. Good chance the fan is not coming on all the time. When they start going bad you can spin it to get it started. Good luck, I`m going riding.
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