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  2. landroverbob


    Hi to all, I live in france and have just aquired a 1982 fantic trials don't know which model yet. I've a couple of other early trials twinshocks though not much of a rider I look forward to revitalising them for fun over this winter Any other like minded folks please give me a shout. lrb
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  4. feetupfun

    No Snap!

    Sounds like the pilot jet or pilot jet passage may be restricted/blocked
  5. turbofurball

    From Land Rovers to Twinshock.....

    A stockish TY175 is a really good first trials bike and fun for pootling on green lanes too ... with a little seat time on any bike you will have context as to where you want to go next - I chose to modify my TY to make it into a more "serious" machine (it's a bit of a blank canvas for making your own bike), but selling and then getting a Fantic would be a good choice too
  6. jsp

    Standard suspension settings?

    Yeah I agree you’d think the manual that comes with the bikes would have the settings that it left the factory in. As a point of reference.
  7. tony27

    No Snap!

    Winding the screw in richens the mixture, sounds like you need a bigger pilot jet. The pilot jet in the TY mikuni is different than most other mikunis which means your local shop won't have 1 in stock, with my modified airbox that breathes a lot better I took the advice on TY trials site & ordered a #37.5 which has worked out well B&J racing is closer to you than TY trials so I'd see if they can supply you a couple of different sizes
  8. RD4ME

    No Snap!

    Thanks Feetupfun for the great explanation - I think I can follow those instructions. But the good news is - I may not need to! The Snap is Back!! It looks like I've made a break through. I pulled the carb off to install my new needle and seat - and pulled all of the jets and doo-dads out again and gave it full clean/blow out. Then when I was adjusting the Air screw - I noticed as I screwed it in further - it revved-up faster. So I screwed it all the way in and took it for a spin up the street - and it felt like a different bike. The front end came-up high with just a blip of the throttle without any pulling on the bars - it was amazing! But then when I screwed out the Air screw to the 1.5- 2.0 turns - it lost its snap again. So I'm not sure if when screwed-in all the way it gets more or less air - and why it needs it. But I guess that's what I need to figure out next - but pretty pleased that I've found the power again!
  9. motovita

    No Snap!

    Did your "carb clean" include removing every removable part and cleaning all passages? If not do it over.
  10. lotus54

    Beta 4T Normal or Noisy?

    Wow. I have a 2016 300 4T with probably close to 200+ hours. It is MUCH quieter. Take a look at the other thread- Billy showed a rocker that was very warn causing a very noisy top end. Mark
  11. johnnyjazz

    Winterisation storage questions....

    Hello esteemed and revered friends! so i finally got the ol' girl all finished (74 TY250a), with many many thanks to all you on here i'm deep in gratitude. So I recently left my job where i kept/worked on my bike (i'm onto bigger/better things) but sadly lost the indoor semi heated storage facilities. so now its the in-laws unheated garden shed in upstate NY! seeing as the winters here are super cold and brutal and i have a few other things on, I've decided to put her away till next spring when i have a bit more time to enjoy her Ive looked at many vid's on line regarding winter storage and there seems to be some confusion about whether to drain the tank or fill it up totally. what would you guys recommend for an old twinshock? ive only run Non ethanol gas with synthetic pre mix at 50/1 since new oko carb...should i put a bit of 40/1 through the engine before storage..and is fogging necessary? the tank has been red koted so i dont think rust is an issue. but i should drain the carb or leave gas in there? sorry to be such a noob!! and the only other concern i have is the freezing colds affect on the vinyl seat. is that an issue cracking? i plan to wrap her up really good (though read about bike sweats and got nervous) and keep the wheels off the ground, ive just changed the oil too...but if im missing anything else from you experts who have done this a million times id appreciate any pointers! thanks so much in advance and all best for a while, johnny
  12. feetupfun

    Beta 4T Normal or Noisy?

    Wasn't there another forum string about this a few weeks ago? Maybe have a look back because your Beta 4T symptoms sound a lot like the other person's. I've just added a link to the string. It started in 2012 but was active again a few weeks ago
  13. feetupfun

    No Snap!

    Learn how to check the timing. You don't need to accurately measure piston position to check it is in the ballpark. Here's my suggestion: Take the plug out. Take the flywheel cover off. Find top dead centre using a clean object inserted through the plug hole. Make a mark on the flywheel rim in line with one of the holes that the flywheel cover screws go into, with the piston at TDC. Measure around the rim of the flywheel anticlockwise 22mm and make another mark on the rim. Get a torch and look at the points. Find the flywheel position where the points start to open when rotating the flywheel anti clockwise. It should be close to where your second flywheel rim mark is aligned with the screw hole you chose. If the points open within a few mm either side of your second flywheel rim mark then your problem is not your ignition timing.
  14. billyt

    Could this be the new 2019 Factory 300T?

    Why is the picture so small. Please post a normal size picture so we can look at it? Thanks
  15. Yesterday
  16. RD4ME

    No Snap!

    Thanks. I did try the Q-tip in the drill trick using some metal polish - but couldn't get it to stop leaking so I ordered a new needle and seat kit. I also spent the last weekend de-coking the exhaust. I filled the pipe with casutic soda and let it sit overnight. I wasn't that impressed with the result - particulalry since that chemical is so dangerous. So I used a blow torch to burn out the carbon and fed a steel cable through throught he pipe and hooked it up to a drill. That worked much better and removed a bunch of carbon deposits - pipe was quite clean afterwards. I really thought that would solve my power problem - it might of helped a touch but I'm convinced this bike isn't putting out anywhere close to what it should be for low-end power. So that's my list completed - the only thing I haven't done is the timing. I pulled the flywheel and the points looked new - and I have good spark. I haven't found a dumbed-down step-by step guide and I don't have a way to accurately measure the piston position for the advancing of the spark - and I'm concerned I'll do more damage than good! But any advice on where to go next is appreciated! 1) Spark Plug - done 2) New Gas/Oil mix - done 3) New Tranny oil - done used Rotella 15W40 4) Compression test to veriify my foot feel - done 5) Air box check - Done 6) Carb clean - done 7) Clutch adjustment - done 8 Exhaust check/de-coke - done
  17. mcman56

    Beta 4T Normal or Noisy?

    I pulled the tensioner out. Teeth look ok and spring has enough tension to push out the plunger when off the bike. When it was out, I tried pushing on the red guide. It felt solid but I don’t know what it should feel like. It does sound much like a klx250 with bad tensioner I heard recently
  18. tshock250

    Beta 4T Normal or Noisy?

    Don’t leave us in suspense, it’s really quite what???
  19. bondy

    TY 80 forks

    Hi I spoke to a main dealer and he told me they was so don't know there off to have new chrome will post photo before and After.
  20. Bigusdickus

    250 Rev3

    Thanks for the advice, it looks like my first trial will be Corton on December 2nd, I am going with a friend who has a more experience. I know he will enjoy any misfortune that befalls me but will set me of in the right direction at least. Rich.
  21. Time Left: 27 days and 10 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Gas Gas TXT 200 Randonne 2014. Genuine mileage under 300 miles. Never trialled, leisure use only. All nearly as new, everthing works as it should.Road reg and MOT till 19 Dec, on SORN. Third owner. Original Gas Gas DVD owners manual, spare key. Front exhaust pipe changed by previous owner taking off recirculation system. Renthal sprockets and chain fitted with original included. A few usage marks but very minimal. One rear light fitting repaired from storage handling. Price £2650 ovno. Will put full MOT on it if full price offered. More photos available

    2,650.00 GBP

  22. old trials fanatic

    Villiers Clutch

    Same base unit as used on the Bantam conversion. Think they are from Harry Stanistreet originally.
  23. section swept

    Machining Your Own Parts

    Excellent idea 💡
  24. section swept

    Machining Your Own Parts

    Very nice, you are a credit to the pastime that is Trials bike modifications👍
  25. section swept

    From Land Rovers to Twinshock.....

    The Yamaha TY 175 is a nice bike if you get one that’s in good order. Some get chopped about with steeper steering head angles, repositioned footrests and other stuff so do your research. When totally standard these bikes were tough little trials bikes and were non threatening in that the engine was not that powerful....a good one is a good starting point. Bit like comparing a Suzuki Jimmy to a Landrover swb. Now depending upon which Fantic you go for opens up a vast array of machinery, much of which is very good. Bearing in mind that engine sizes vary from 125cc, 156cc, for the most common and then the engine sizes go up slightly for the models so ignore what the sticker suggests ie 240 it’s not a 240cc Motor but a 212cc, there will be a Fantic owner probably correcting my knowledge. Fantics were good to go straight out of the box, but by now many will have been messed about with and altered to make them more competitive. I have to say that the TY 175 was good to go straight out of the crate too! I sold quite a few when I was a Yamaha Dealer, also converted a few to Majesty which might be your best bet if you have deep pockets. Either way you’ll get sound advice on this web site and you could give the classifieds on here a look....enjoy🙂
  26. mightychub

    Beta 4T Normal or Noisy?

    Sounds like the chain slapping maybe tensioner is slightly worn or needs adjusting. My bro has one of these and it's really quite
  27. Russ Bedford

    Crank seals

    I've just took the plug out,so I'm gonna try your advice and then leave it overnight to dry out..
  28. Russ Bedford

    Crank seals

    I here ya.!! But also I live in a smoke free zone,but i'm burning logs in my stove, so I don't want to upset anyone..you know how fickle some neighbour's can be, and it's not long before someone grasses you up.!!
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