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  2. Still can't find the missing needle bearing - advice?

    before you go to the trouble of splitting the cases, try washing the suspected roller out. First degrease the crankcase (so that the steel surfaces aren't sticky) then set up the bottom end with the crankcase mouth facing downwards and with an old bedsheet or something similar suspended loosely underneath and wash the crankcase out with a low pressure water jet (garden hose). If something gets washed out it should get caught by the bedsheet. Spray everything inside the crankcase with WD40 as soon as you are finished to get the water away from the metal. Even easier would be to use a parts washing machine if you have one
  3. Today
  4. Due to the home projects I had going (new boat shed) plus some upcoming winter weather and the extended time it took to get a cylinder re-bored and plated, new piston, etc, I have not actually started putting the engine back together. That is because of one other nagging problem that is bothering me. That is the missing needle out of the upper needle bearing cage that was part of the engine when I tore it down. I noticed that it was missing from the cage when I took the piston off the con rod. There was a rag under the piston, but with my luck it could have found it's way down into the cases under the flywheel. I have looked everywhere for it, and I even got a fiber optic light cable down under the con rod between the flywheel weights to look for it, but I can't see anything out of the ordinary. I looked on the shop floor of course and tried a magnet as well. but got nothing. So the next step is to split the cases and look for it inside. This step is beyond my expertise and tool selection so it would probably cost around 150.00 to do the inspection (I am guessing) but at least I would have the peace of mind knowing that there is no foreign object lurking in the cases waiting for the worst possible moment to come loose and ruin the new piston and bore that I have already spent 450.00 to get to this point. If anyone has any advice or expertise in this area, I would be very glad to hear it!
  5. Securing studs into rebuilt cylinder -advice?

    Will do. And looks like there is a slight difference in the threads on the studs so that the longer end is down in the aluminum. Thanks for the info!
  6. Tubeliss System Revisited

    I have had success with tubeless tyres on a '70's Akront rim (KT 250 rims). Here's how and why; Stuck the tyre on and yes it kept dropping off when pressure was lowered. I looked at the rim of my gas gas, it has a much more horizontal bead area and a very small rise at the inner edge before dropping into the centre well. The Akront rim is not that flat. I also suspect that it is slightly larger in seat diameter, although I didn't check. The tyre has a sealing lip on the inner edge of the bead. I got the angle grinder and a sanding disc, and removed the sealing lip, and a small amount of the bead surface. The result has been very succesfull. I've run as low as 3 psi in rocky sections and no problems. Of coarse I'm running a tube and rim locks. I've also done this for the front wheel, also succesfull. My Gas Gas is a 95 contact and I've had to do the same to its front wheel. every time it has worked a treat.
  7. Tubeliss System Revisited

    You can buy a tube type tire. You could buy a tubeless rim. Or you could just screw the tire to the rim. ( The old tried and true method of us old cheap B`s.)
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  9. Tubeliss System Revisited

    Oh yeah - gold rims are fantastic
  10. Tubeliss System Revisited

    I posted a photo when I did it years ago but finding that might prove difficult and I'm not ready to pull the tyre off just yet to take another photo. Maybe I can describe it better. If that doesn't work I'll do a sketch. The bike is on a stand with the rear wheel fitted, but with no tyre fitted to the rim and no chain on the sprockets. I cut a circumferential groove in each bead seat with an angle grinder fitted with a 2mm wide cutting disc. I spun the wheel by hand to start it spinning then started cutting and this kept the wheel spinning. I cut one groove about 2mm deep in each of the bead seats. The rubber on the surface of the tyre beads deforms into these grooves once the beads are up on the seats (40psi and WD40 to seat the beads). This keying effect prevents the tyre bead from slipping sideways back off the bead seats when the pressure is let down for riding. Yes there is a tube in there - it is a TY250D tube type rim and a Michelin X11 "tubeless" tyre
  11. Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    Yeah; but you have to admit looking out the window now and again is funn.
  12. Hello Newbie Here :) Advice Needed

    Justification answer....try making one...then £12 doesn’t seem so expensive🙂
  13. Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    Err...what was the original topic of this post......now we have digressed and it could be compared to many a meeting side tracked by distraction. Oh and Michael Jackson was a consummate performer, what his private life has to do with tc and this post is beyond my comprehension! No wonder then that not a lot will be derived from any good suggestions posted.
  14. Ford Connect L2 or Citroen Dispatch

    all vans are easy to break into, hence high insurance costs .leave nothing in your van when unattended. do not have any stickers ect on your van relating to our sport
  15. Hello Newbie Here :) Advice Needed

    I have no idea what anything is worth I'm trying to justify spending £12 on a new float valve.....
  16. Hello Newbie Here :) Advice Needed

    Just rushed out into the garden and rummaged around in me bushes but no scrap bike parts potentially worth a Bonhams ransom price....just Mr.Toad🐸 soaking in the damp🌧atmosphere.
  17. Hello Newbie Here :) Advice Needed

    Think we’ve all been there at some stage or other.
  18. Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    Well to be seen as the suspected pederast and chimp mate of tc seems a little harsh but I've received worse comparisons.
  19. 2019 4RT

    Will there be a new 4RT for 2019 and if so when? Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.
  20. Tubeliss System Revisited

    Agree on not quite following the modified rim idea. According to the Tubliss website, the 18' fits both 1.85" and 2.15" rims.
  21. Hello Newbie Here :) Advice Needed

    Went into the garage today to attempt to discover why my carb appears to have magical powers. Insomuch as it manages to p*** more fuel out of the bottom than you put in to the top. I should patent it and sell the design to Shell? I got side-tracked by what @section swept said......Damn you! Other stuff I found.....and am willing to part with. I think this is off a Montesa judging by the gas cap? Now I had to cut a holly tree that was growing through this...I also have the frame for it, see the first page. If anyone is interested in the chair and frame, let me know
  22. Tyre Size

    Many Thanks for the info.
  23. Tyre Size

    Original sizes were 2.75 x 21 and 4.00 x 18. 120/100 might fit but would not comply with ACU regulations which require 100/100 section with further constraints on tread pattern. See TSR 8.
  24. Suspension

    Checking makes good sense after every few rides. Regarding suspension: had my rear shock serviced a few weeks ago by Reiger. Slightly heavier spring (78 kilo) and other shims makes the bike a bit more nimble. (In case you are wondering: I forgot to note the specs of the new spring..)
  25. Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    Strange, I see you more as ....
  26. Suspension

    I've had another look and the bolts looks a lot more worn than it is I think it may be shadow on the photo I took. but checking yours wont do any harm
  27. Tyre Size

    Hi all can you let me know what is the original size of front and rear tyres for a Fantic 200 FM350, 1978 also would a 120/100 18"rear Trail X Light comp fit the rear 4" rim.
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