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  2. breagh

    Beta 80 keeps killing spark plugs

    Just a guess, but I do own 2 of these Beta's. The exhaust and silencers fill up with oil as they don't run hot enough to burn it away.It's not helped by riders constantly "blipping" the throttle and stop start riding which is common in the younger age group. I run about 50ml of 2t to 4 L which is about 80.1which helps . While I'm on leaking petrol taps are common (Always switch them off) they Make a nice job of filling the crank with fuel and this really adds to the problem . Cheers the noo.
  3. utahpete

    BMX bicycle training for 2018 Trials Season

    Have any of you had a chance to see Pat's latest video on a bicycle?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Sir Real Ed

    ‘18 popping out of gear

    That's not an obsession, that's a healthy, family bonding activity........ So, IIRC, the end result (so far...) is a 14 mm diameter bearing instead of a 13 mm diameter bearing that is moved towards the center of the engine to allow more bearing/contact area with the cam. Is this correct?
  6. tony27

    Sherco 2006 290 no spark

    I would assume the rusty coil was the 1 at the bottom? That shouldn't be the cause & neither will the dirt at the bottom of the cases. By all means clean everything but I doubt that is your problem Scroll down this link to the readings you should have from the stator, usually 1 of them is a long way out if there is a problem https://www.splatshop.co.uk/stator-repair-exchange-new-style.html
  7. woundflatout

    Newbie in Austin, TX

    Hello All! I just picked up a relatively thrashed 2006 TXT Pro 280. Went out to Emma Long with the Wednesday trials group, and found its not as easy as it looks! I have no trials experience, but hope to use it to crosstrain for Rally racing. I am excited to absorb all of the information available in this awesome forum, and hopefully contribute as well! Cheers, Jason 2006 TXT Pro 2016 Husqvarna 701 Rally
  8. NickV

    Scorpa SY125F

    Is Scorpa SY 125 still for sale?
  9. MalcolmM

    Wanting to get back into trials

    Great thanks I will check it out 👍
  10. jonboy883

    Wanting to get back into trials

    If you've got transport, clump farm, on the A350 between A31 and Upton bypass at Poole. You can be a gentle or difficult as you want it......
  11. NewMember


    Time Left: 27 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Excellent condition and working order hardly used. Contact me through TC if interested, cheers


  12. dan williams

    ‘18 popping out of gear

    Obsessed? Me? No, why do you ask?
  13. ChrisCH

    Future of Gasgas

    This on my recommended list on You Tube this morning by coincidence - Cabestany on the electric Gasser.
  14. snappster

    SY175F trail riding range?

    Ok, since this appears to be unknown I have a plan. After I finish my trials practice/play session this coming weekend I will ride laps around the property until I hit reserve on the tank measuring my distance with my Garmin Edge 500. While it is somewhat inaccurate when riding under tree cover it is better than a guess as to how far the bike can go. I suspect I will want to increase my fuel capacity as the group trail rides I want to join are around 60 miles in length in the mountains.
  15. Intotrials

    no stop

    The "no stop" rule is a farce at world level! If it was strictly adhered to (which all rules should be to keep things consistent and fair) then 100% of the riders would be 5'd on average 90% of the time at current world events. No observer is going to five a rider for a momentary stop, but the length of those moments is getting increasingly longer and often riders also go backwards and still get away with it. Imagine introducing someone new to the sport and trying to explain the rules " oh the riders get 1 mark for footing once, 2 marks for footing twice and 3 marks for footing 3+ but completing the section" simple enough! Then they get 5 marks for failing the section e.g dismounting the bike, stalling, falling off, going backwards, going outside of the marked section... oh and stopping at any point within the section! Imagine their confusion when they witness riders stopping all over the place but being awarded less than a failure! Me personally, I'd be completely bemused and consider the sport stupid.
  16. Intotrials

    no stop

    No need, an experienced section builder / course manager should be able to design each section based on an estimate in line with one time limit set (90 secs) to complete the each section. They won't get it perfect every time, but no matter, its the same for all the riders so they have to adapt! Keep it simple and consistent that way its as fair as it can be for every rider and easier for the observer to judge.
  17. Intotrials

    When will it end ??

    Bottom line is the sport as developed as all technological based things do, the bikes are just so versatile and these guys are exploiting this. For me and I'll stand by my opinion, the sport has developed into 2 sports - X-trials and traditional trials the average clubman cannot relate to the technique required for X-trial, its acrobatic and totally different than traditional trials. Personally I'd like to see more traditional style sections in the outdoor world championships and less of the X-trial stuff. As much as I admire and watch in awe at the skills of the top guys to be able to attempt such massive dangerous stuff, watching the same thing for lap after lap of 15 sections gets rather boring. You can take marks off the top guys if you set trickier sections rather than more massive. Do or die sections can be exciting to watch, yeah sure stick a couple in there but to have this style as the generic trend just spoils it for me. What I would like to see is a diverse range of sections offering different challenges rather than just flat out up a big step time after time. I don't have the answer, and I'm not sure what the solution is (assuming one is required) but it does seem that trials at this level is rapidly losing popularity, which is a dam shame for us all.
  18. pindie

    Beta 80 keeps killing spark plugs

    Seems like establishing what’s rich and lean will help too. You might have an overly rich pilot jet if air screw (small flat head brass one) is set right. I’d try the hotter 5 plug like has been suggested. This alone may cure it. If not, open the air screw (not idle) to two turns out. This allows more air to come in at idle. What happens? Does it die as you open the throttle with a lean bog? You can open the AS to around 2.5. Just for reference these are what each carb part is doing if you don’t know. Marking the grip and the cable body on the throttle will help you ID which bit is wrong. Pilot jet. Idle. Along with AS. Needle diameter. 1/8th throttle. Needle clip/taper. 1/4 to 3/4 throttle. Main jet. 3/4 to full throttle. You can’t cure an idle/initial throttle issue by changing main jets and clips. Clip might help a bit but it’s too far into the throttle range really. Winter settings use more fuel, summer is leaner more often than not. I’d be surprised if this isn’t just plug heat range and pilot/air screw related.
  19. breagh

    SY175F trail riding range?

    Hi there even though I've owned one of these from new and trialled it regularly it's something I don't really know. The tank holds only about 3 litres but they don't use much fuel specially in competitions. Certainly miles better than any other bike I've ridden. Guess 40 miles on a tank minimum. Happy trail riding. PS Just checked a Yam YBR 125 does 90mpg so 40 miles for 3 litres of road on a 163 sounds reasonable.
  20. Last week
  21. konrad

    Montesa Cota 315R - no spark issue

    Congratulation on solving the problem! (And thanks for reporting your findings.) I think the simple explanation is that the pickup coil is polarized. The leading edge of the trigger structure (whether a tooth or a hole) needed to generate a positive-going (or negative-going) pulse for the CDI to work properly. The trailing edge would then generate the opposite polarity. It's not uncommon for both of these events to be needed in order to set the timing and sequence of operations inside the CDI. Quite frankly, I'm surprised it made any sparks at all. There has been a lot of innovation in ignition system design over the years -- as much so as engine design, it's just less visible. It ain't called a "black box" for nothing!
  22. snappster

    SY175F trail riding range?

    Anyone know what the typical range is for a tank of gas on a SY175? I am pondering some trail riding, Thanks.
  23. gasserguy

    Wanting to get back into trials

    http://www.bridportandweymouthmcc.co.uk/# http://www.yeovalemcc.co.uk/
  24. Trialeovince

    Montesa Cota 315R - no spark issue

    As it was found out, corrosion is not part of the problem and stator couldn't just "die" while the bike was sitting in garage. Same thinking goes for the CDI unit, it couldn't be "fried" as it wasn't getting any energy while bike was standing and it couldn't be corroded as it is sealed with epoxy. Somehow the two were ruled out. Wiring was checked so it was ruled out as well. One thing that wasn't touched since it was replaced with new part is pick-up coil. New pick-up coil is not available to buy separately, so a non-OEM part was used (different color code on wires). As it turned out it was not connected as it was supposed to be. Once the two wires were switched, spark appeared with the first kick. Seems like there is more than just coil in this "pulse generator." Problem solved - polarity of replaced pick-up coil was switched. Most of the time pick-up coil is used in combination with rotor that has some kind of bulge or tooth on it (signal rotor on the attached picture). But not on this bike. Flywhell/rotor actually has some kind of hole or channel recessed in it. Could this affect how pick-up coil works? Or is there some other explanation of the problem that was encountered here?
  25. Fordbell

    320 Sherco bogs on throttle

    hi thanks to all for.your replies. finally had another look and the needle was set with the clip at the very top i moved it to the middle,richened it, and the bog has dissapeared happy days
  26. gwhy

    Kuberg challenger 24 vs Oset 24

    what are the dimensions of the motor they use. i.e diameter and length. engine braking is a function of the controller, not because is the motor is brushless
  27. sparticle

    1980 (525) TY 175 Project

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I just got a carb service kit so hopefully that should help. Its got all the o rings etc. Cheers Spart
  28. Have been slowly rebuilding a Bultaco Sherpa 350. It’s almost at a stage where it can be ridden. So looking for somewhere near Dorchester I can take it for some practice (nothing to testing) not ridden for over 30 years. It’s mechanically sorted so if I survive, I plan to sort paintwork out over the winter. Any suggestions of where to practice would be helpful, have transport so can travel.
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