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  1. Ever owned one? Once jetted properly, I loved mine. Owned it for almost 3 years. Only reason I went back to 2-stroke Evo was money. You pay more for the 4-stroke new, and then sell it way below value used, due to the smaller number of buyers, that want a 4-stroke.
  2. dgshannon


    Muenster is always a fun place to ride...
  3. dgshannon

    2012 MotoGP

    Not sure the "publicity" is all that good. A follower of MotoGP knows how good Rossi is. That fact that he performs so poorly, on a Ducati, does not translate into a desire for me to own their bikes. Why would you want to go buy a Ducati when one of the best riders in the world cannot make it perform?
  4. Just smear a little castor on your nose. Then you can smell it all you want while still using proper synthetic, in your bike.
  5. Granted. I have done the 4-stroke route. I found the oil filter changes to be far more of a pain in the rear than mixing 2-stoke fuel. Especially, with the Ratio-Rite mixing cup.
  6. Do y'all not have these Ratio Rite mixing cups, in the UK? http://www.amazon.com/Kam-Tech-Ratio-Rite-Cup-150108/dp/B002OQDO4C By far the easiest way. Different scales along the side for fuel amount versus ratio.
  7. "Developed especially for very high revving 2 stroke engines." - Exactly what a trials engine is not.
  8. dgshannon

    Beta 2012 300 Ss

    I run Castrol MTX in mine. http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/2/9/197/12518/ITEM/Castrol-Castrol-MTX--Synthetic-Gear-Oil.aspx
  9. Always amazed at folks struggling to save grams of weight, here and there, and what they will pay to do it. Meanwhile, a lot more weight could be saved, for free, by simply pushing back away from the table, a little sooner.
  10. dgshannon

    New 175F Owner

    Owned one for almost two years. Great bike. Rejet on the carb is a must. Opening the exhaust, and removing all the cross brace rods was very worthwhile, as well. The other biggie was a clutch kit from B&J Racing. Made a HUGE difference in the smooth progression of the clutch.
  11. Based on the text, from your link... "If used in lower performance, lower revving engines, excessive deposit formation may result." It does not sound as if it is appropriate for a trials engine.
  12. dgshannon

    Restoring My 247

    21M0313 makes it an early 1968 model.
  13. Most likely a Rekluse automatic clutch. If so, what was the clutch lever is often connected to the rear brake.
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