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  1. Yeah iv just sent my papers off to the acu and joined the darwen trials club
  2. Do you go to the bolton trials? And do you need the acu license or can you create one on the day?
  3. Ah right dont mind how the bike feels at the moment to be honest so il leave it as it is.
  4. Hi looking at the s3 cylinder head for my 19 gasser as iv been advised to look into but im just wondering what exactly does it do and what impact it would have on the perfomance of the bike. Thank you
  5. I mainly just use my bike practicing at cowm quarry on the weekends but iv decided i want to start doing some trials. Does anyone know how i get involved and where the trials are? Preferably as close to wigan as possible.
  6. Yeah iv gone for the X11
  7. Yeah mainly use the bike on rocks. X light seemed to wear very quickly when i had one previously. So probably best going for the X11 then?
  8. Is there a massive difference between the michelin x11 comp and other brands? There seems to be quite a price difference compared to the pirelli tyres.
  9. betaboy100

    Front folks

    So this is how they should be?
  10. betaboy100

    Front folks

    Just spoken to the dealership i got it from and they confirmed that the right fork needs to be moved up to the line. He said you should be able to see around 5mm above the clamp thing?
  11. betaboy100

    Front folks

    Well where there left fork is positioned there is a tiny line around the fork (the right has this also) so should the right fork be moved up to that line?
  12. betaboy100

    Front folks

    As you can see they aren't level, is this wrong?
  13. Iv got a hand book so maybe it will be in thay
  14. Thanks, not sure if they are the same as trs but worth a shot. Just bought a brand new gasser and the suspension is completely wrong.
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