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  1. 1 hour ago, trapezeartist said:

    A Beta looks like a Gasgas looks like a TRS? To an unpractised eye, that's true. But going back to the old bikes, a Triumph twin looks like a BSA twin looks like a Norton twin. And a Francis-Barnett looks like a James looks like a BSA Bantam. If you're an enthusiast for a particular type of bike, the differences are obvious. If you're not, they're not.

    i might be more biased towards older bikes. but i still believe olders bikes were different from ground up ( frame, engine , sounds ) were distinctive  , FB and james shared Villiers engine

    i agree everyone have its own taste and liking , and i respect that.

  2. 14 hours ago, evoalien said:

    Come back in what form?? The old twin shock bikes still have a good turnout at events and even special series with just twin shock. But new twin shock production bikes will never be seen unless you build one. Or buy a Harley twin shock bikes are all the technology they can handle

    I mean to say if they will be production again. i agree the Twinshock have good turnout , but their prices are increasing rapidly and becoming collectible items. 

  3. Hi 

    Will twinhocks bikes will come back ?. I love the older british bikes since childhood

    i can see lot of British manufactures are making the bikes again ( Triumph, Norton Brough Superior etc ) , 

    i like the newer models .. but they are missing the character , most of them look the same. Sorry my opinion only. 




  4. Hi Guys 

    I have recently purchased on ebay ( 1.85 x 21 Inch )  Front RIM with 40 holes. it looks bit more wider then i expected. looks more like rear wheel 

    should i use it or it will look awkward/unusual . ? what do you suggest ? i want to use it for RE Bullet or DOT trials bike

    Thanks & Regards




  5. Hi Guys 

    Picked the Villiers 10e engine on weekend. my first villiers engine.  

    Which is suitable Frame for this engine.  Francis Barnnet , James , Cotton , Dot  ? , i think bantam frame will too much of work. ?

    just thinking if i get some rolling frame want to build trials bike ..  I heard the Villiers 10e engine used in Cotton starmaker and they it convert to 250cc or greeve not sure. 

    Any advise/suggestion.






  6. Thanks Iaird387 for your reply .. i think mag subscription just expired,  i will have a look ..


    Thanks for sharing the picture.  Is it hard due to weight of bullet .. what is ideal weight in your view for bullet to perform well ? 


  7. Thanks @naichuff for your info ..

    Do we have any statistics .. about models of bikes participated. just curious . e.g 


    Make           Model            Number of Machines

    Triumph       Tiger Cub               30

    BSA                C15                      20

    BSA               Bantam                  20

    Ariel                HT                          10 

    Royal Enfield  Bullet                        2 

    and so on 



  8. Hi Guys 

    I have honda cg125 engine and friend got bantam frame , there is petrol tank within reach as well .. jap trials wheel with me as well , no forks or front wheel

    do you think i can build similar bike under 500 Euro ..  i can buy bantam engine when budget allows .. bantam easy on pocket ?

    ideas welcome .. not sure if i go down that path , im not lathe-man , partial spanner man .. got good friend to help





  9. Recently i have moved honda xl and enfield bullet in friends small van. . Moved the bike in van from back wheel first .. keep the front wheel hanging in the air .. while i was holding the bike from back wheel

    Remove the front wheel push the bike back .. put the front wheel on ground adjust it to van wall and bike .so bike wont move .. you can put strap for better hold ..

    We havet notice any damage to forks so far ☺☺☺

    I hope this helps regards

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