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  1. Hi guys

    I am new to trials world .. I have found Honda XL trials 1980's forks ( Drum brakes with 21 "Inch front wheel ) and 18 Inch Rear wheel.

    I have following questions.

    1. What modifications are required in BSA C15 standard frame if any ?

    2. Will the honda forks are good to go & what modification are required in yokes .?

    3. Should i use honda 18 "inch rear wheel or BSA standard 17 inch wheel

    4. What modifications are required in swinging arm if i want to put honda rear wheel ?

    5. Which manual should i use rupert ratio Volume 1 or Volume 2 ?

    I am attaching picture of my C15 frame.

    Thanks in advance .



    PS: I was overwhelmed from my last post , expecting similar response and help :)


  2. Hi guys

    Thanks for your replies ..I am not big fan for disc brakes on these bikes as well .

    Im based in Ireland and not having luck to find any suitable Spanish/beamish forks at the moment and have limited budget as some other projects are ongoing as well

    My current plan to build and practice it for personal use. may be i will change the forks again once i got proper one ..

    sorry one more question .. what is length of fork end to end recommended . I might look for some other Japanese forks.

    Thanks & Regards

    M .Aziz

  3. Hi

    Thanks for your quick reply ... actually there is Scorpa project for sale .. i was thinking to use its forks + front wheel/break etc .as it is ..

    currently I have standard C15 frame, wheels engines carb tank etc, mainly missing fork & shock ..

    What do you suggest .. which forks/shock to use ..

    I will post picture of parts i have if needed ..


    M. Aziz

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