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    Mikuni VM 26 mm carburettor - montesa 349

    yes, you're right... I must have no friends and no social life because I want to change my carb ? you come across as a right merchant banker.(float height) ffs ! (Inmotion) have a 26 mm carb jetted for a 349 £177.50 but hey, that's impossible...they can't have, its far too small ! but your comment was a good example of someone with a dull life and nothing else better to do than sitting on their computer replying to comments.
  2. mikeoxbig

    Mikuni VM 26 mm carburettor - montesa 349

    yeah, jets are very expensive ! I need at least 3 lmao how do you spend a fortune in time ?
  3. mikeoxbig

    Mikuni VM 26 mm carburettor - montesa 349

    that's just your opinion. " I am " buying one elsewhere...that's the point ! I found their service awful ! waited 3 weeks for a rear mudguard, when I contacted them, they hadn't even processed my order ( blamed new staff) when it did arrive I had to trim off all the bits from the cast on it. next order, they missed items off my order ( blamed new staff) they don't answer emails. I only use them as a last resort.
  4. hi, I have a 1982 Ulf Karlson montesa cota 349 does anyone know what the correct jet sizes are for the Mikuni VM 26 mm carburettor for this bike. I've tried bultaco inmotion and they're clueless ! they just wanted to sell one of their extortionately expensive carbs for a 349. inmotion want £177.00 + p&p for a mikuni carb to fit a 349 but there's a seller on ebay selling what looks like an identical one (new) for £98.00 inc p+p I 've got the jet sizes for that, I just need to know if they are the same as "inmotion" carb. cheers.