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  1. 10 hours ago, diesel2607 said:

    I feel I am struggling with trials although I am enjoying it my scores are like 30 plus marks off the pace and that's on the easiest route I know I need to practice more but don't have anywhere to go or anyone to practice with alot of sections are in burns with stones and I just don't have the control I need over them I want to practice just can't find anywhere to go just seem a bit stuck 

    I too am trying, practice even in your yard, set up a few "cones", flags, anything, try doing figure 8, balance, like lineaway said, more events, you might just surprise yourself!

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  2. 22 hours ago, dadof2 said:

    Put a spare 3 or 4 litres in a can in a rucksack. Then you can ride your bike until it runs out. You then know how far you can go and fill up from your can to get back.

    When I use to practice quite a bit and ride a few miles to get to my practice area I use to carry a litre bottle of spare fuel. I would then hide it somewhere within a mile or 2 of where I was practicing. Meant i never had a really long walk even if bike used more than expected (float valve can stick or bike can get dropped a bit causing more fuel to run out)


    21 hours ago, jonnyc21 said:

    With a mix of 1st to 4th most of the time in 3rd I have been able to get maybe 23 miles tops so if your running mostly 1st to 3rd I would guess maybe 15 miles...

    I want to say thank you! Dadof2, some great ideas! johnnyc21, that helps alot as well, i'm still ring to clear more trails, late Fall I will make headway once leaves drop etc, !

  3. Hello Everyone, I have a 2006 Montesa 4rt, i think it holds roughly 1/2 gal of fuel. If i stay in 1st and 2nd gear(a lot of heavy woods around me, can't really get moving etc) how far or hours before i go empty? I understand driving conditions, high revs, etc. just a "ballpark"?



  4. I guess this isn't really a Montesa question in general. I have a 06' Montesa 4RT, I am a beginner, started to do figure 8, using two flags, as I get better will move them closer, my question is this, where the bike idles high, I have my index finger on clutch and front brake, as I go through my process, all I have been doing is using the clutch and front break a tad, NOT USING THROTTLE, is this correct? Or should I be using throttle?





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  5. 2 minutes ago, dadof2 said:

    Following is speculation not definite fact.

    High tickover needed to generate sufficient electric to run EFI. Some say engine can stall unexpectedly if tickover turned down. I rode a friends bike with the tickover turned down and it seemed OK

    Large bore throttle bodies do not give stable air flow at low RPM. Makes bike performance jumpy / inconsistent during initial throttle opening.

    A four stroke cannot produce the same power as a two stroke (of same capacity) without having valve timing to suit high RPM power output. Without VVT this high power / high speed valve timing compromises slow speed running.

    At early stages of 4RT development the works riders favoured engine characteristics similar to 2T this means a 4T has to rev twice as fast as a 2T for the same number of power strokes.

    Thank you for the response dadof2! Now i understand, let me ask you or others this...previous owner put an hour meter/tach on it (cheap one as i see), i'm using the hour  side for maintenance, when bike is running, tach all over the place...Is there a way to know for sure that i am around 1,800 rpm? should i buy something else to check? again ty

  6. 5 minutes ago, collyolly said:

    You are going to have to learn how to ride the clutch and brakes to slow it all down.

    You may also need to mod the clutch as the early 4RT I had had a very snappy action.

    ya, i am learning(slowly)....but is there an advantage of why so high on the idle? thanks for the reply too

  7. Hi everyone, for starters yes I'm a beginner...my 06' Montesa 4RT, owners manual says about 1,800 rpm on idle, can I ask what the reason is for this? When I in first or second gear, I'm trying to learn low speed balance, doing or I should say "trying" to do figure 8, I have to play with the clutch so much to try to slow down etc. I'm sure there is a reason , thought I would ask....

    thanks ahead of time



  8. I  want to say thanks to all of you...no riding today(dogs to the groomers/poolside with wife), however, i checked the coolant level this am before i did some errands, and its pretty much right up to the neck(full),  i will go back and forth in first and second gear, for now really no place to "get on it" to clear mud off tires, trying to re-make trails that i use to ride my bicycle through about 40 years ago! lol a lot of things have changed since then, like freaking trees!, but a faint trail(s) are there, Fall will be a better time once the leaves come down to start clearing again......

  9. Greeting everyone from New Hampshire, USA...have a 2006 Montesa 4rt I am the 3rd owner, I am an amateur haven't been on a bike 30 plus years (54 years old), few questions if you can all help me with,

    1.) I have some swamp woods behind my house, few 6-8" logs to go over, some muddy areas  when not raining about an inch or two deep, trying to cross over a 10ft  wide by maybe 6-10" deep of swampy water ,not brave enough waiting for it to dry up some, few small slopes, very tight trail due to over grown etc. MY QUESTION...what gear should I be in?? I am going no more then 5--8 mph of so.., I stay in first for the most part, have tried second, really not sure if I'm hurting the bike at all?


    2.) yes, I am one that knocked the idle down, after reading the owners manual I tried to get back to about 1,800 rpm, using an hour meter/tach built in and I know its not accurate, I would say I'm at maybe 1,200-1,300 rpm, today its been about 88-90F and very muggy, I rode for about 45 min to an hour, cooling fan ran 90-95 percent of the time, coolant level was checked few weeks ago and just about full....QUESTION, based on my temps and riding in first or second gear, normal?


    sorry for the newbie questions, just want to learn to balance!(I was 12 years old I could ride a unicycle, 54 and I wouldn't attempt that again!)



  10. Greeting from New Hampshire, USA! I haven't ridden a bike in about 40 Years! I am now 54 and purchased "new to me" a 06' Montesa 4rt, trying to learn to balance etc, haven't fallen yet, nor have I left 1st gear.......previous owner has done an engine oil change....but not the filter, I have the owners manual, however , "if" some one has a change coming up soon, could they make a quick video? I heard mixed things, some say easy, some say not so, I am some what mechanically inclined...Thanks again!



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