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  1. At 6,000 feet... where do you mount the bikes parachute?
  2. Not wearing his slippers this time I see.
  3. Ah so you thought Beta and co were good at ‘graphics’ eh...not a bit of it!
  4. Not bike related but I used a square biscuit tin as an air box on a Mini with a Weber 45DCOE on a swan neck inlet manifold...on hard acceleration the inlet roar made your ears hurt. I had a 1967 new Sprite trials bike and I swear the air filter was made using an aluminium saucepan and the lid was the inlet...never found any saucepan handle rivet holes though. It worked so I couldn’t complain. Biscuit tin also makes a natty headlight unit for pre 1930’s machines.
  5. She is far nicer in the flesh and is a very amiable person. Met her at Brands Hatch where she was covering a feature on one type of car racing, I can vouch that when she was not mixing it with ‘ the boys’ she would spend her free time playing with a 2 year old child belonging to a fellow competitor....nice 🤗
  6. That won’t react as quickly as stabbing the rear brake!
  7. If the jetting is to spec then it could be ( everyone has to guess from here on) an ailing ignition possibly the condenser or the coil. Check that the fuel tank hasn’t succumbed to the dreaded Ethanol issues and also that the fuel tap flows freely. Check that the air filter is in serviceable condition and no blocked, trapped or mis fitted breather pipes. Take care with the kickstart as this can muller the flywheel housing by punching a lump out if the kick start is incorrectly set....do a search its a well known issue. I cannot extoll the virtues in using Ethanol free fuel enough to eradicate fuelling issues. Hope you can sort out the 349 🤗👍
  8. section swept

    Will Not Start

    When the bike was put away had it just been washed? Water may have found its way into the exhaust system from not plugging the tail pipe. There has been many good suggestions about a ‘fix’ for your non-starting issue, but I would start by looking at any and all carb breather pipes, and the carb to air filter hose/trunk call it what you will. Only try starting the bike when you have sorted that fuel flooding, as each attempt just puts more petrol into the wrong places i.e. washing lube oil from any bearings, as it is oil misting from the evaporating fuel that allows the oil to do its job. The reason that you might have a ‘flash fire’ is simply the fact that with enough petrol sloshing about in, around and over the engine it only takes a random ignition source to ignite the now evaporating petrol! The kill switch may emit just such an arcing spark, the flywheel rotor and ill fitting ht coil connections may also help out here to. Its amazing just how complacent people are with such a starting issue they forget all about self preservation for themselves and others...be safe first🙂👍
  9. section swept

    Beta evo.

    Thats a bit unusual to have the main bearings nip up! By the time they have run out of oil the top end would have been seriously seized with the piston rings tearing away at the bore. I am always amazed at the way people predict how much X or Y is worth without any sight of a photo of the offending article. From your description it looks like there is quite a bit of expense thats going to be needed to sort out the rear suspension, the linkage needs checking for wear to but bear in mind you have a nine year old bike on offer and the owner has let you have the bike for a good look...good man. Your best bet is to look at other ads for the same or similar bikes and gauge the value from those and what you are prepared to pay. The swinging arm will undoubtedly be twisted if the bikes been used hard. The head bearings and front forks will also need serious inspection. The fuel tank may have swelled up due to ethanol fuel. Have a good look at the cooling fan wiring as it might be rigged to run permanently. On the other hand you might just have a nice bike in there. From my experience the I.O.M has lots of rocks which is not always a good thing for a trials bike in the damage department.
  10. SM Hi-Boy frame. When you refit the engine leave the bash plate bolts just finger tight, tighten the engine mounting bolts, rear first, then the front. Now tighten the bash plate bolts, keep the bolt projections as small as possible i.e. no more than two threads showing. Head steady bracket and bolts should be easily assembled, if not re work the holes so that there is no adverse tension. Some have said that these Hi-Boy frames tend to crack near to the headstock reinforcing plates...I’ve not seen one but then most trials bikes can suffer frame breakages considering what they have to deal with. Your frame doesn’t look bad at all and the rust bleed should clean off fairly easily.🙂👍
  11. From your description it could be that the fuelling is slightly rich, this is difficult as already suggested it might be a characteristic of this model. Ensure no carb breather pipes are kinked, trapped or incorrectly routed...see manual for guidance. What fuel/oil mix ratio are you operating with? If you make any adjustment to the carb make small incremental adjustments as an example turn any screw no more than a quarter turn, listen carefully to the way the running engine reacts...you are trying to achieve the smoothest slowest engine idling. Depending on the state of the engine...no air leaks, clogged exhausts, incorrect fuel/oil ratios, crank seals effective etc, air filter clean and unrestricted...you might just get down to eighth of a turn settings. I haven’t mentioned carb float height as you say it is a new bike so bear this in mind, it may need checking. Usually popping in the exhaust occurs on overrun, banging indicates fuel igniting in the exhaust which indicates either an air leak or too rich mixture. Happy twiddling. One screw will be the slide adjuster for idle speed setting, one will be fuel mixture which might be three and a half turns out from full in...screw in very gently until stopped then back out, but this needs to be done engine off. Its a base setting to work from. There will be another screw which is the idle mixture screw which works up to about quarter throttle then there is a transition from idle mixture to main jet and needle, once you are past quarter throttle its the main jet and needle all the way to TWO. As you are in the States altitude will play a greater part on carb fuelling the higher in altitude you go, this needs to be considered as a part of the equation.
  12. Run the engine and carefully lay the bike over onto its side and rev the engine a couple of times. Bring the bike back upright and lay it over on the opposite side and repeat. Bring back to upright and mow rev the engine and see if it still smokes, this action usually clears the crankcase of any excess oil from the build up or standing for a while. Has the exhaust been cleaned out at all?
  13. The black ones....made of a rubbery substance. Think you’ll find its a toss up between Michelin or IRC each to their own.
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