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  1. splatered stu

    Ty250r mono 1985

    its an issue with that bike i had one and it knocked and rattled all the time. i know others with this bike and they say its its just the way it is with this bike.i tried lots of things and some made a slight difference but in the end it it was just a rattly knocky kind of motor.it was one of the reasons i got rid of that bike.that and the frame felt short,it got light in the rear coming down hills,damn near went over the bars a few times.easy fix....i got a 91 TY instead.all problems solved.the 91 was a great bike for its time with a really good motor,.i still enjoy riding mine and its a good beginner bike for friends and newbies to ride..
  2. kick starting is also inconvenient.sound's like a first world problem.
  3. i am in canada and looking for parts for my 91 ty Yamaha is no help the bike is obsolete. i need a piston and ring set and some plastics...anyone got a source for these parts?
  4. when cold my pinky lurches into action when put into gear (clutch in)...i have to drive around with the clutch in till it free's itself...the last one i owned did the same thing. once warmed up it's fine and works normal.when cold the clutch won't disengage and you need a warm up run around the yard to free it.pretty much normal for this bike.my 84 did the same thing.
  5. your friends are stunned then if they can't tell the difference...sticky vs greasy, soft vs hard..and not one of them could tell? this argument is dumb.save money and have crappy traction if you want...when you wipe out in the rocks and mess up your bike tell me then about all the fun you are having and about the $80 you saved..why not just save a bundle and buy a Chinese bike? i have a friend who says they are very durable and work fine...
  6. i just took a dunlop off my gas gas and replaced it with a Michelin.the difference was huge.tires make all the difference and its down to two choices save money or suffer from less than the best in the traction category. I for one think traction is important to trials for pleasure riding or competition.just get an enduro bike and call it a trials bike...same thing as using crappy tires ...sure you can, but why? seems like an unnecessary handi-cap in more than one way....
  7. nice job on the repair.
  8. just remove the lights and hide the wires.cutting up the wiring harness is not necessary.it will run with no battery..
  9. had a dunlop in the front and hated it.that is a good tire...less is a joke and will damage your bike in the end,.crappy trials copy tires make you crash...want to save cash ride less...but do it right when you do.Michelin all the way,,there is no substitute.learn this the easy way or the hard way that choice is yours...i think the jury is back and its unanimous...
  10. run time and power.as batteries get old they lose their zest...sounds like its a next to new bike.probably good.batteries are not that expensive unless you want the li-ion upgrade.
  11. most important is the batteries...if they have not been changed then after 3 years you might want to as power and run time will be down,.the rest depends on if it was hard use or soft use...broken parts? cracked/worn tires? plastic in good shape? corrosion on the electrical connections or damage.? i'd pop the batteries out and take a look at these things..
  12. thanks turbo...i have never been able to access the manual for my txt raga till now....
  13. you're preaching to the choir,...we have mini bike competitions in the yard and ride 12" pedal bikes around a preset course. it gives the kids and edge and levels out the playing field.never knew you had a big boys bike that puts some valuable context into the equation.as for the brake pedal i had the same idea...a foot brake would make this a better ride.surprised oset hasn't capitalized on this and offered a kit...i put a longer stem on the 16 to bring the bars closer to the axil and it was a major improvement.the kids like the longer stem too.also if you get bigger disc's the brakes work ten times better...i replaced the 160mm disc with a 180 and its doing endo's no problem.before it was weak and lame...
  14. so you're 240 and riding a oset 20....is it wrong that i find that image comical? i mean that bike is designed for 15 year olds..the oset 24 may even be a bit small for you. glad to hear you are having fun but if a kid's bike is your choice then expect bent and broken stuff..sounds like your batteries are pooched as an oset 16 will toss me on my ass with proper batteries,i like to play around on it a bit but it is a kid's bike..not only do i look like a monkey screwing a football while riding it it is also will bend,break and fall apart if i try to ride it too much...dude do yourself a favor and get a bike that is designed for a larger rider and things will not bend,warp and disintegrate right under your feet.a big part of trials is having the right bike that fits.
  15. got a website? (not on facebook) looks cool.
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