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  1. Thank you, that makes it clearer. I think I get it now 👍
  2. Can no one answer this? I’m just trying to get an understanding of the structure of national and international competitions so I can see the progression. Does a young rider compete by engine size due to age and then go European championship, Trial 2 and then Trial GP in succession of he’s good enough? Or is there regional followed by national followed by international progression? It would be great if someone could give me a brief explanation on how it works. Thanks in advance.
  3. I’m just trying to get an understanding on the different competitions and what is related to what. As a relative noob I’m assuming most completions are run by the FIM? So there’s European, National and International championships, 125cc championships, then there’s Trial 2 - I’m struggling to get my head around what leads into what or if they are all different ‘leagues’ or competitions in their own right? Then there’s various names trials, Wallace etc, are these one off events rather than multi event championships? Could someone point out the structure so understand how it all fits together better please?
  4. Sound advice Trialman…. I’ve been practicing figure eights and static balance and am getting better each time but didn’t think of putting a brick down, that’s a great idea. I managed to track down a copy of Bernie Schreibers book online which makes for great reading, I didn’t realise there were Mick Andrews and Sammy Miller books as well, I’ll keep my eye out. I want to read anything and everything I can find. Also, I hear what your saying about log hopping…. It’s just too tempting when they are in front of you. The Devil makes me do it (bit I really ought to stop until I’m better equipped!). Thanks for the tips 👍
  5. That’s exactly what I need to do 👍
  6. Thanks. I’ve been riding bikes since I was 13, 53 now but never tried riding competitively before. Always fancied trials but I’m also a musician so have spent my weekends travelling around doing that for the last 30 years but during Covid, when entertainment stopped, I had a bit of a ‘now or never’ moment and decided to try trials out. Im loving it but am also not that great yet, only been going 6 months so there’s heaps to learn. The thing that’s surprised me most is that I always thought I had good balance and a good feel for a bike. I think, I’m my mind, I thought I would be a natural - how wrong I was! I lift weights 3 times a week and cycle a bit so I’m in reasonable shape, albeit not the skinniest. Quite fit though and lifting the bike is no problem. I really do need to get the hang of thinking beyond ‘take off’ when I decide I’m going over obstacles though. Maybe I should stick to my camber turns, which also need lots of work, and leave the log hopping for later on!
  7. Bambi on ice springs to mind…. 😉
  8. Well, I got to take the new (to me) 2020 200 Evo out today to Milton Buzzard practice ground. What a bike! It’s just lovely, the front end is as light as a feather and the power is pretty smooth. It’s a revelation compared to my Rev3. Already managed to bin it though! Promised myself to not try anything I’m not confident with, at least for the first couple of outings so I could avoid dropping it. But then, I went over a log, no more than probably 12” or so in diameter, misplaced my front wheel on landing and went down in a hole beside the track. Bike up in the air, bar end straight in the thigh on landing. Ouch! Big lump there now! And, when I picked the bike up, somehow the rear wheel had come completely out of true and was rubbing on the swing arm. Still, sorted that out and apart from a bit of a temporary limp, a red face and some temporary frustration all is well and the bike isn’t damaged. I seem to have a bit of a bad habit though. I approach an obstacle and sometimes seem to lose control halfway through the movement and then ‘land’ badly as if I haven’t thought through the whole move including the ‘landing’. I feel like I’m not following through patiently or precisely. When this happens, all too often I end up on the deck. Then I’ll watch someone steadily doing what I was just doing as if it’s nothing at all. I’m hoping with practice it will all come good as falling off hurts too much, I’m not a teenager! Love the bike though! 😀
  9. Hughie

    Best Evo levers?

    Good idea Ref the plastic washers… but that wasn’t it really, I just think the one OEM Beta/Grimeca lever I have is more substantial and feels better than the thinner Apico ones I have. It’s no biggie, but I was wondering which brand is nearest to the original in terms of thickness and feel. The Apico ones, at least the ‘basic’ ones seem skinnier… wondered who’s are best I suppose, or of indeed there’s a lot of difference brand for brand (S3, Apico, Jitsie, AS3 etc…)
  10. Hughie

    Best Evo levers?

    Just wondered who makes the best fitting levers for the Evo Grimeca clutch and brake controls on a 2020 Evo 200? I’ve got a couple of sets of basic Apico dual purpose ones with the two sets of adjuster holes but they don’t have the same fit and feel as a genuine Beta one I have, a short type clutch lever from a Rev3. Unfortunately I only have one though and no brake side. And I prefer a matching pair! AS3 make some that look good or there’s the Apico Elite. Or does anyone make an OEM replica? Don’t really want to pay £30 odd quid each side for ones from Beta. Any suggestions?
  11. Thanks everyone…. Can’t wait to get out on it, hopefully tomorrow. If we get a bit of respite from the wind and rain!
  12. Does it rub the paint off underneath? I guess you don’t remove it every time you wash it?
  13. Good Evening All! I just wanted to say a big thank you to every one who felt like they were getting their ‘virtual ears bent’ with my relentless questions regarding bike options. I know I was slightly repetitive at times as I tried every different angle possible to work out what new bike I should buy as I continue on my trials ‘journey’. I appreciate all the advice given and as a result I am now the proud new owner of the 2020 Beta Evo 200 pictured below. I am now looking forward, as Chris CH suggested, to start obsessing about balance rather than bikes and can’t wait to get out on it! Thank you all 😀
  14. Hughie

    Beta or Fantic!

    Alexz is a great bloke, we got on really well. He’s from the same small town as me yet somehow we’d never met. I expect because he spends most of his time elsewhere with trials stuff! I’ve got another day lined up with him in a few weeks, whatever bike I have by then I’m going to try my best not to irreparably damage it half way through the day this time! It was watching him effortlessly bounce up the rock steps that got me…. Unbelievable…. Anyway, I’m settled now. Modern it is, I’ll probably pick a ‘doo-er up-er’ twin shock of some description down the line for tinkering around with. Maybe rescue an old TY and pimp it up a bit. But not for my main or only bike at this stage…
  15. Hughie

    Beta or Fantic!

    Yes, I get that.... One of my bikes is a 1973 Harley Sportster, the brakes are practically non existent and its a heavy bike for its size so there's no firing it flat out in to bends and then yanking on the anchors because there aren't any..... I just coast around everywhere and enjoy that style of riding. I had a TY175 when I was younger and don't recall the brakes being awful, however I never trialled it and doubtless they are nothing like the hydraulic discs on my Rev3 - but then sometimes engine braking and softer actual brakes can be more predictable, at least on road bikes. It doesn't bother me the the brakes on my old bikes are crap to be honest!
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