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  1. Hughie

    Hook Norton?

    Yes, that’s the one. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. I think I’m getting it now…. There I was thinking it was partly a hardware issue but I wasn’t seeing the full picture. I’m going to join a club that’s not too far way that has a practice ground and will get some lessons as soon as I can - it will be great if I can find someone this end of the country but my guess is I will have to travel. Thanks for your comments 👍
  3. Does anyone know what the going is like at Park Farm, Hook Norton? There’s a trial there next weekend, I just wanted to get an idea on what it’s like, ie flat, hilly, boggy, easy, difficult etc. Many thanks.
  4. I totally get it…. I’m sure I can find somewhere round here to try it on my pushbike with all the HS2 stuff going on. I think that’s a great idea 👍
  5. Thanks Rich…. I was there, it was a nicely laid out area. I was disappointed with my score but more because I didn’t think it through and got 5’s where I could have got 2’s or 3’s probably. Also, on one section that I know I cleaned all fours times I was awarded four 5’s! I can only guess I mistakenly didn’t follow the course correctly but nothing was said - I was really annoyed with myself about that one! I think I could have taken 40 points plus off by paying more attention - note to self for next time! My biggest issue, and hence me blaming the bike, is letting it get away from me when making turns on slopes, both up and down bit mostly up. I somehow fail to get the bike in the right position and then tend to over shoot the turn and the bike goes flying. I’m clearly not putting my weight in the right place and gripping the throttle too hard. I’ve fitted a slow throttle but it’s still easy to over twist it, I’ve managed to get hold of a stronger slide spring for the carb which I’m going to fit and see if that helps me. Someone I know has kindly given me permission to use his land for practicing so all good for the flat stuff but unfortunately there are no banks, its flat as a pancake. Look forward to meeting you sometime, onwards and upwards 👍
  6. Thanks very much for all the time spent replying to me. It’s all great info and gives me lots to address. As I’m doing this on my own, although I am finding everyone really friendly at meetings I don’t have any one to ask for sage advice directly which is what makes this forum so helpful to me and confidence inspiring. There’s only so much ‘turn up and get on with it’ you can do without some direction. I appreciate all your comments and will go over them again at the weekend. Oh yes, I did rotate the bars forward a bit and it did help at the last trial. That is until I binned it half way up a slope and twisted the forks! But that’s another story…. (Fixed now!)
  7. That’s brilliant! It’s funny, but the wheels are so small that they can get up some hills! Used to get up railway embankments on my Vespa 50 that the DTs and ERs couldn’t back in the day! 😃
  8. Tell me about the price of scooters! My first was a Vespa 50 Special in 1984 which was £320. It makes me shudder when I think of the scooters we cut down, chopped and god knows what else in the 80’s. My first Lambretta was an SX150, albeit incomplete, which cost me £70! Currently got a ‘61 Li 150 S2 which I’ve put a GT186 kit on and rebuilt the engine to suit. Goes alright for an old Italian shopping bike! There’s still quite a scene round here (Aylesbury/Oxford). I would have been living spitting distance from Wiggs shop in 1981, me and my mates (I was 13 then) spent many hours drooling over the bikes and making a nuisance of ourselves. They used to put up with us though! I remember we found the front door had been left unlocked one night when they’d all gone home - being good boys we told Julian the next day, someone got in trouble for that I think! Anyway, I digress. I’d love another old TY if one appeared at the right time/right price. What did you mean ‘Do private message as needs - fairly local and have new/old bikes.’? Sorry, didn’t understand. And I definitely need to get to a practice area. I couldnt make it to the North Berks practice day on Saturday in the end, mind you it was bloody freezing so it might have been hard work!
  9. I had a Messenger chat with him… it’s funny, we’re from the same small town (Winslow) but I don't know him. His Dad, Julian, had a shop there when we were kids in the 80’s selling trials bikes. I don’t think he does lessons locally to here though, I think he does them in Surrey, Hookwood I guess? The conversation fizzled out and I didn’t get anything booked, he was a bit vague on the detail but I remember it was £200. Not sure if that’s one to one or not, he didn’t say.
  10. Yes, I have a flywheel weight fitted. Already checked that. I’ll check the sprockets though, thanks 👍
  11. Noted. One for the field this weekend 👍
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