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  1. Evening. iv been looking for ages and ended up making my own bits. only as my hobby is playing with carbon fibre. i would offer to make you some bits but im pretty new to working with the stuff. mind you with some more practice. my bike is acctualy on piston heads at the moment you cant realy see the bits but its differant.

    do you have a link?

  2. If anyone is going to do that amount of work why not go the full hog and put a rear disc on it; I done that with mine and it's a good mod because it saves having to clean and dry a drum every time/.

  3. So logic dictates that the rider from the current crop who was oldest at his first major championship has more chance than the others? Don't see that.

    No- logic dictates that sheppard hasnt had a go on the big line yet, the others have and I don't think will improve enough to do it- shephard may not even make it to the big line- who knows?

  4. so then, jack Challoner (17) Alexz Wigg (16) Jon Richardsn (17) do not have the class of jack Sheppard (18)?

    Figures in brackets age at which they achieved their first WTC.

    In terms of a WTC win Sheppard is probably the next chance, others have not made it?

  5. i moved mine down and inch and back an inch, i did not have to shorten my brake lever, as i was still able to get me toe on it, size 9, i think it improves the ride slightly but still nothing like a modern bike

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