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  1. hello,im looking for help figuring out how to fix my 348 trial kick start issue....it kicks through like mush,like its not properly ingaging.when i got it a few months ago ,i cleaned the carb and got it going.even then about every third or forth kick would not engage ,just kinda mush through the kick.now thats all it does....even though i have installed a new clutch,cable,and original type levers,and a new 10mil plunger......someone else had this problem on here,did he ever find the solution?.....im using amsoil 80 dirt clutch oil in the clutch..the new clutch is a TJT it comes with two more plates than the original montesa pack,so i left them out.......some one really otta write a book on these things.


    1. feetupfun


      It does sound like the clutch is slipping. Why was the clutch replaced? When was the clutch replaced? Is the plunger pressing a bit even when the cable is loose? Does the new clutch plate pack measure up the same height as the old pack? If it is shorter then that will reduce the clutch spring force.

      Yes I remember the posting about the 348 that had a slipping clutch when kicked but don't remember how it ended up.


    2. montesa 348 kick trouble

      montesa 348 kick trouble

      hi,thanks for responding .the original clutch plates are not all flat.i put them on a plate of glass and some wobbled/did not lay flat.so i put a new set in-(tjt plates).i put the same number of new plates in that i took out(i never thought to measure thickness of cluch pack ,old and new,to compare).i orderd new springs as well,but did not install them because my old springs are 2ml longer and quite a bit thicker,so i figuerd they are stronger.i just replaced the clutch two days ago.the new 10ml plunger is to long it seems,because i cant get the new clutch cable to have any free play at all,so i disconnected the cable to try an start the bike..whith the cable disconnected,the plunger has free play/is not engaged....(i will make a longer cable)(the old plunger was warn down to a nub,way past its best before date)the 3 leg clutch depressor was warn in a couple ml in a messy way,from the mushrooming of the plunger so i sanded it smooth and polished it to a mirror finnish...the kick still acts the same way.it does not engage properly.its like theres no compresion....well,almost none...the new clutch ,grabed good,when i put it in gear,just rolling it in the garage...............what to do hmmmm?

    3. feetupfun


      I suggest again to measure the height of the new and the old plate packs. I suspect that it will be shorter than what came out.

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