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  1. Those things are preload spacers. You can adjust the spring preload by fitting more or less of them
  2. Complete bike not running. Some important parts are hard to source. Insufficient information of mechanical condition. $500 max in my world.
  3. Are you talking about doing a wheelie or popping the front up as part of riding an obstacle?
  4. feetupfun

    Epoxy Volume

    My "original" is intended to mean the tank that came on the bike, not the first type of tank (fibreglass) fitted to model 198 and 199. Many 198 and 199 I know of have aftermarket fibreglass tanks that replaced their original plastic tanks that fell apart. I'm hoping that 199 Enduro has a fibreglass tank of some sort on their 199 and not plastic or aluminium, or the advice about epoxy lining it may cause a lot of problems
  5. feetupfun

    Epoxy Volume

    I hope you are talking about a fibreglass tank and not the plastic tank that originally came on 199s. Epoxy will not stick well to the plastic tank
  6. The initial comment was for 1.6 thou not 16 thou
  7. It's conventional to say "1.6 thou" because saying it that way is easier than saying "zero point zero zero one six of an inch" 1.6 thou could be written just as easily as 0.0016" but when spoken it is a different matter
  8. feetupfun

    Epoxy Volume

    If you set the tank up properly after you have done the coating, any excess will flow back out whatever hole you choose so it doesn't matter if you put too much in to start with.
  9. Yes Forma Boulders work well for my ample calves. They do take a bit of breaking in though
  10. Clear coat paint on rims usually gets chipped in use and then looks pretty bad. TY twinshock Yamahas had clear paint on the rims and fork sliders from new and it chipped very quickly and looked unsightly.
  11. Both are excellent material choices for a bashplate. I'm keen to see how it ends up looking
  12. You are very fortunate to only have those frame repairs required. The following model Alpina (137/138) was their first attempt at using a fancy alloy steel for the frame tubes and when I rebuilt my model 138, the frame was cracked in about 10 places, which I believe is a fairly common situation. It was worth rebuilding it though. The 138 is a fabulous bike to ride as I'm sure your 115 will be
  13. Neat job. Well done. The 250s are not as sensitive to the condition of the first muffler as the 325s are for smooth running. Yes they are a mechanically noisy motor. I didn't realise quite how mechanically noisy until I watched a video clip of mine and a friend's Bultacos. Probably made worse using my phone to make the video. The late model motors are quite quiet for some reason, maybe the different finning on the head and cylinder and they also usually have fin rubbers.
  14. feetupfun

    Kick start

    electric start TRS are selling like hot cakes
  15. feetupfun

    ty250 piston

    As a visual reference, here are photos of a TY250 cylinder I recently had rebored and the Wossner piston that is going in it and a couple of very old original TY250 pistons. The Wossner piston ASSEMBLY is the same weight as an original TY250 piston ASSEMBLY. If you compare just the bare pistons, the Wossner piston is heavier. The Wossner wrist pin is very light.
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