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    I have had this bike for last 9 years and it runs perfectly. White model with the silver wheels (as it should be), has the remote reservoir rear shock absorber, drum bakes front and back and the tank, seat, and mudguard are 3 separate pieces as they should be (the later pinky has the tank/seat combo). Has: Lowered footpeg mod (this is a common modification to make the bike more "updated") Very rare KATO exhaust (KATO was a Japanese works rider in the 70s/80s and as such had his own parts, this exhaust is one of them and his name on it) Fibre reed valves Twin-air air filter New wheels front and rear with new Akront aircraft grade aluminium rims with brand new stainless steel Z spokes (cost around £750 from Central wheel), the spokes themselves had to be custom made as they are a Yamaha-only design where each single spoke spans the entire diameter of the wheel, which have a bend at the centre to go through the hub resembling a "Z" shape, this design makes the wheel stronger 2 Pirelli trials tyres hardly used so still have most of the nobbles on the tread New All-balls USA wheel bearings front and rear Venhill front brake cable Talon aircraft grade aluminium rear sprocket Talon front sprocket Regina gold chain Renthal handlebars Overall a tidy bike given the nature of trials, and it is 34 years old and has been used, so it isn't a show piece but is definitely ready to trial. The tank has scratches on it, as do both mudguards, and also the red seat has faded and is worn on either side. These early monoshock bikes are getting rarer, this would be a good bike to ride or as a basis for a restoration. Rides nicely, good throttle feel and plenty of torque. More photos on ebay listing https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125524456174?hash=item1d39d732ee:g:xxMAAOSwkzdjK0ZB&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoBGiJQG2Uup31mTPFAWSAFmVMH1LdYZkfxNXKnB5Dsu8%2BwQP2oubtC%2B7ixGoKoaxAmj%2FKcqOPk6nGnTFUl5ILN%2FqUdSPk0d2UcET129R9Ji3fsVjSCy4DSuAQwHvwbOqDJKtTBK%2BGHsPmGX29kYIT8UT04%2F1r3cWBrtUQRAFPpt3aURh11%2BSUlXI09xCjzc5EijJtvMC%2BXkVtfVXeXXFaEQ%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR6DV5JHsYA Asking £2,500 or near offer, buyer must collect from Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands Thanks for looking, any questions please feel free to message me

    2,500.00 GBP

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