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  1. jamese.82

    bsa b40

    hello! just thought i would share a picture of my bsa b40. been in my family for 20 years and i know 2 of the previous owners. just got it back from having some essential modifications. see if you can spot the obvious ones! I would love to start doing some 'miller' rounds or perhaps traditional trials rounds, but need to register it........... any pointers will be very much appreciated. cheers
  2. yes....... ache all over, and i have got some cleaning to do!
  3. good stuff. How much were/are they? i havent got any side panels on my 200
  4. jamese.82

    Carb Problems

    thanks guys. i have managed to fix it by rubbing the groove out with some wet and dry, will order one now i know what it is called. cheers j
  5. jamese.82

    Carb Problems

    the rubber nipple is sticking on my whatever jet, preventing fuel from filling the bowl of the carb.....it gets stuck at the top. i tried freeing it off with petrol and the like but it doesnt work. it runs, ( the bike that is) then sticks again preventing fuel from filling the carb. can you replace this part?? the rubber part (nipple) does look worn and seems to be the cause of the prob but is it replaceable? and what is it called ?? if you can figure what i am trying to describe NB do not use solvents to clean carbs because i am sure that is the cause thanks j Edited to remove text talk
  6. i do to......... can you get them in the uk????
  7. jamese.82

    290 Kicking Back

    hi mate mine does all the things u describe.... kicking back major bangs through misfire if doesnt start?? slips gears on second kick! quirks of a sherco i guess i have an 08 250..... do what B40 bloke says engage kick start gear and kick it harder!!! bye j:)
  8. which is also the same as a car repair............ not sure about n the side wall tho might not hold..... try a car patch... works same as cycle but stronger good luck! shame to chuck good rubber as it is so expensive
  9. last saturday night my lock up garage was broken into and both of my daughters' motorcycles were stolen, she is heartbroken. One is a pw80 the pink and white version and in mint condition and the other was a ty80 runner but tatty...... have frame no's if i get any leads. shame but they must of been a bit stupid because they left the more expensive B40 behind??? just lucky my gasser wasn't in there too! but they cut off four big security padlocks from each corner of the door and then broke it off the runners..... any suggestions to what i can do to the next one i get to keep the thieving scumbags out??? i have decided not to keep that one after that. thanks in advance for any replies
  10. should be riding.....depends whether i go and watch scott or not. if no scott (i.e. too much rain for the mrs....or me for that matter!) then i will be marking out saturday too. see you there!
  11. funny as! i do stuff like that all the time, did the job this morning. had to saw the end off the twist grip tho.....bit unorthodox i think but did the trick! works and looks as it should, see if it's ok after i drop it a few times. many thanks. james
  12. will do that thanks lol knew it would be summin simple.....bit of more and more frequent brain freeze! here is a pic from couple of weeks ago http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w307/ja...82/IMAG0022.jpg
  13. jamese.82

    Bar End Plugs!

    Just fitted new grips and then tried to fit some bar end plugs.....how do u fit it properly on the throttle side as to not affect throttle operation? i have been scratching my head for too long now and am lost, probably a simple solution but i can't think any more and gonna take them off and buy some new grips again! many thanks in advance, james
  14. jamese.82

    Ty80 Tyres

    a bit hard to find. I've purchased ChenSing (sp?) the taiwan tires. hard as nails, not much grip, the only ones I've found. kcj can still get bridgestones but they r a bit expensive i think. cheng shin
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