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  1. Totally agree, rode a 200 Evo at a trial between changing my Evo 250's and found it to be excellent. Got caught out once on a hillclimb when I didn't give it enough but that was my fault!
  2. Thanks Lee. Just offered up my rebuilt rear wheel and it wouldn't fit. Just measured it and drum face to centre of rim is 83mm.
  3. Can anyone give me the measurement for a Fantic 300 rear wheel from the face of the drum to the edge of the rim? Thanks, Hamish
  4. I would say that the severity of past trials may put some folks on the old bikes off. I've been the last 2 years but have other commitments this weekend so will not be able to attend. Hamish
  5. My engine has seen better days and there was a kroo for sale and I wondered were the two compatible as outwardly the cases looked similar. Also seeing the 300 at the Scottish with a hydraulic clutch I wondered what bike they were off.
  6. Thanks for the info Lee. Am I right in thinking only the '94 K-roo engines that have hydraulic clutches? Hamish
  7. Will the hydraulic Bottom end of a K-Roo be compatible with the top end of an air cooled engine?
  8. Aye good point. I thought you were just filming the sequel to The Silence of the Lambs working title Shut up Ewes.... Didn't see any cameras though...
  9. I would just save yourself the bother & buy the necessary parts from a reputable motorcycle dealer. The only thing that's come out of your shed running is sheep....
  10. Hi, Looking for a set of RTL style plastics (as per the photo) to fit my 4RT , anybody know where to get them and roughly how much they cost? Thanks, Hamish
  11. What fuel do you run the bike on? I found using std unleaded the plug tended to blacken up quickly and the bike wouldn't run properly. I use super unleaded and the bike runs fine.
  12. swb low roof connect will fit two bikes in no problem. Also if you can go for the tdci version (90hp).
  13. Interesting project. Will you be using the sherco forks, shocks etc? What are you going to call it? A Sherdaka or a Hoderco?
  14. Hi, can you advise on where I can get a dragon chip for the connect? Thanks
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