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  1. I've never been unable to find weight of a helmet... As above, most carbon ones advertise a weight IRO of 950g (+ / - 50g) assume the caveat is around different sizes but generally around 900g Maybe some of the cheaper ones dont but again would imagine 1000-1150g
  2. nickday1

    Beta evo 80. 2019

    Buy any Beta 80 IMO new or old as they've not changed them at all in the last 15 or so years other than new stickers each year
  3. nickday1

    Racing or gp

    @Robert n I'm in the throws of selling a mint 2017 250 GP if thats any use??
  4. Miguel riding Gas Gas. Aniol looks like going TRS
  5. See both Miguel and Aniol are ‘parting ways’ with Vertigo. Strange one. Will they still do what’s in calendar for trial GP this year and on what? bad times!
  6. Any virus can be caught a second time - colds, flu etc. If you’ve had it and beat it your body will store the Antibody in your white blood cells and if you catch again your body will fight much quicker.
  7. Very very key words in that statement ‘up to 24 hours’ The very nature of most cardboard / paper means it’s largely absorbant so if someone had the virus (or any virus) and if they sneezed, coughed etc on the paper / cardboard then yes the virus would be transmitted onto that surface. Reality is that this would then absorb the moisture and the virus would be dead pretty quickly If someone had the live virus on their hand (highly unlikely btw) and touched the paper / cardboard and it moved there, then again it would absorb, even quicker and die. for punchcards, gloves solve problem and really only the rider needs to touch it during trial and could be washed after trial. Like I said, small, simple and quick changes could make trials happen again.
  8. Ultimately as things ease the fear would ease. A virus cant live on paper / card etc and unless pen was metal you're more likely to win the euromillions than catch anything from a pen / clipboard. Anyway. Sign on could be easily solved - sign on and get number from car / van as you enter the ground - hope most people have or can have a pen in their car / van. Enter on day either take form and fill in in car / van then social distancing as hand form / money over (see above re: transmitting via paper / plastic) or have a strict NO ENTRY on day policy. Queues relatively easily managed, back to back with no side by side queuing. If people wearing gloves (and from my experience most do) grabbing same branch etc wont matter a jot. Same for pulling people out of a section, picking up a bike if someone falls off etc etc. Trials could be a relatively simple sport to run again with minimal changes.
  9. I'd imagine (and just my opinion) that the change from Reiger to Ohlins was a financial decision by Gas Gas as a way to cut costs and maximise profit as the Reiger cost v's the current Ohlins shock cost is a sizable difference I have tried both and definitely prefer the Reiger on my GP Ohlins make great rear shocks and in various different specs. The spec on the Gas Gas is not their top spec rear shock set up. If you could compare the top spec Ohlins with the 3 way Reiger then I'm sure it would be a much closer call and probably come down to personal preference. As it is the Ohlins is still a very good shock and a professional set up would make it feel better again but for me the Reiger works and feels better
  10. nickday1

    Electric start

    Not much of an expert in electric starts and the associated faff / tech. Does $500 (pretty much £400) seem a lot of money to save you having to kick?
  11. Hi Nick

    Thanks for your reply over the years I have been a member of both trials clubs Bleak hall was a good site .im looking for somewhere a bit further afield and a bit more remote. Do have any other ideas 



  12. Guess the support is there from the manufacturers a bit in the 125 class as there is a market there for 125's with all the junior classes around Europe / the world. I guess once the riders go to Trial2 the manufacturers have less to gain by continuing to support the rider. Massive shame as Kieran is a really good guy and great rider with potential.
  13. Hopefully problems gone now. Just need to make them again now ?
  14. nickday1


    Dont worry, wont happen anyway just a green 'box ticking' exercise Car manufacturers have spent billions on hybrid tech, not a hope they'll walk way from combustion engines. Governments will blame lack of infrastructure - charging points, hydrogen stations etc but reality is manufacturers and their £££ talks
  15. If using ATF I'd say much safer using Dexron III as it is higher grade. Never seen anyone using Dexron II
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