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  1. As far as I’d heard Sherco UK (MRS) we’re only bringing in the Factory models and not the standard Sherco for 2020
  2. Yep. Think (for UK at least) the ONE R is the entry bike for 2020
  3. Too simple to have same rules 🤣
  4. Ha.... so organisers need to let out 1 load of sections with time limit in mind and the rest with no stop in mind... even when the ACU do the right thing they it so wrong 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. So has there been definitive rules for BTC? stop and hop allowed with 1 minute time limit. Is this all 3 routes in BTC? And is this likely to filter down to the more traditional trials - S3 and nationals etc? assume clubs at their own free will to decide what they want to implement within club trials.
  6. The change being discussed is for top level British Championship. these boys and girls have no concerns with stop, hop, flick etc. New rules sounds good. Stop allowed but only 1 minute allowed per section. So the emphasis will be on getting out the section. If a rider spends 30’seconds lining up a step etc it’s up to them but they’ll have less time for rest of section as for riders practicing their skills, the top guys practice a lot so won’t be an issue. who knows what rules will filter down to clubs - hopefully the same.
  7. Thats the big issue - Only Beta do any 80cc bikes - so demand often outstrips demand, The good news is that they are basically the same bike since about 2007 with only new stickers lobbed on each year so even an older and cheaper bike would / could do. At 11 years old (and smaller) he's potentially ok on an Oset 24 for a year or so . The nice thing with the Oset is they are more plentiful, much much lighter and easier to start trials on and use for a year or so. As mentioned above the move to petrol bike will be one of the hardest and most painful experiences of your life 😭 - I'd also say the '3 months' remark is generous and allow for a good 6 months plus of learning before they're properly comfortable with weight, gears, clutch etc. They not only have to deal with a ludicrously heavy bike (see above about no development on the Beta 80 for 12+ years) but also a clutch and a gearbox. Some people decide to stick out an electric bike as long as possible, some decide to go petrol and take the associated pain as early as possible. May be food for thought or I may have just made your headache worse
  8. said below, really only leave Gas Gas for Casales.
  9. Strong old team now Busto and Gelabert in TrialGP Gelabert and Gandola in Trial2 guess that only really leaves Casales for Gas Gas then unless the KTM €€€ can persuade Bou away 😳😱
  10. Aniol Gelabert has signed for Vertigo for next 2 years.
  11. Why Beta? They have Dabill, Bincaz (nothing about Dabill stopping is there?) and Martyn who will no doubt step up to TrialGP for 2020 (or 2021) Both Gelabert brothers on the move. Kadlec seems (obviously hard to tell) well supported within TRS and had probably his best year yet in 2019. There’s going to be some old timers - Fuji, Raga, Fajardo, even Bou - stopping relatively soon you’d imagine (although they are still the best of the best despite their ages)
  12. So both Gelabert brothers have announced the end of their association with Sherco Motorcycles... where now? Gas Gas?
  13. As it stands now, similar to this year 12 or 13 with a couple of riders maybe popping in here and there
  14. Grattarola said it’s getting too dangerous and too extreme. TBF he’s at the older end of the riders and if your option is stop riding WC trials or do Trial2 then I think most people would be happy he’s still around (except Toby 😩) Could say the same for Ferrer but if they’re throwing their own money / not earning at something can see why the step down.
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