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  1. New 😂 bold new racing graphics racing style new mudguard 'revised' suspension and gearbox settings
  2. Hi, Possibly looking at getting some Hebo boots, but local shop does not hold stock. how do they come up size wise?? I'm an 8 1/2 shoe so would probably look at a 43 My old Sidi boots are an 8 and feel snug when I wear them now. Any experiences of sizing with Hebo?
  3. Mmmmmm weird... I'd say from the pictures it is a 2012 factory but they were only 280cc had black frame, silver fork clamps, Termigoni carbon back box, Marzocchi forks, red footrests, cylinder head etc as yours has Factory R in 2013 was first 300cc but had green frame, gold fork clamps Termigoni carbon back box and Marzocchi forks - why paint frame, change clamps etc etc Factory R in 2014 also 300cc had green frame, black fork clamps, Termigoni back box and Tech forks so probably not a 2014 - why paint frame, change forks and clamps etc etc I'd guess almost certainly 2012 and a 280cc NOT 300cc
  4. I read on phone so just banged into google. Everyone seems to think the same thing and see the same issues apart from the idiots in charge. Like they're trying to kill it at world level
  5. Hope this is ok to publish on here (from Trialworld site) but please delete if not. * you will need to use google translate (or other) So, seems pretty much NO ONE likes WTC as it is yet NO ONE in a position to do anything to make changes!! How can this be???? https://www.trialworld.es/la-fim-se-plantea-no-haya-mochileros-mundial-2020/
  6. Recommend putting a 3 slide in then Andy?
  7. Hold a stopwatch?? How many extra do you need?? surely any observer on their own could press start on a stopwatch and when it beeps its time up.
  8. Was on at midnight on Monday.. bit late for when this was posted. For some reason when you search (on Sky) it doesnt appear under 'Trial' 'Trial GP' 'FIM' etc etc. I just went to Free Sports on the EPG and scrolled through. Coverage was OK, literally 1 section for top 5 or so trial2 riders and same for all Trial GP riders. Shame as an hour would be easily filled
  9. Dont matter who picked who. Spain would win regardless
  10. Perfect. thats what I needed. cheers, appreciate it
  11. proper transit but double cab (5 seats) with bulkhead
  12. Hi, Yes a double cab transit (5 seats) with bulkhead in. Looking at the lengths of bike and load length in Transit suggests it is just too short to get them in straight, however assume with wheel angled slightly would be ok.
  13. 1: you probably didn't pay £6399, especially in July with 19's a mere couple of months away - if you did then your dealer didn't help you at all and saw you coming 2: if your dealer is only offering £3500 then as mentioned elsewhere your dealer (possibly again) saw you coming and is fleecing you 3: think all the 18's now gone so you could see your rise a bit in value
  14. Currently have a LWB Vito Dualiner and can get 2 bike in easily by rolling the rear seat forward. Am looking at a L2 (think that's Fords name for LWB) Transit but they have a bulkhead and the load length is a bit shorter than the length of a trials bike. Assume they would probably go in with front wheel turned etc but before I look any further thought I'd check - does anyone on here use a L2 transit with a bulkhead and gets 2 (or more) bikes in? If so, how? angled bars, cut a gap in bulkhead etc etc? TIA Nick
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