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  1. I've seen the same cases used on the 198B,I think at this late stage Bultaco were using any parts they had available to assemble bikes,they are pursang or frontera cases but you will find they have the correct numbers on them.
  2. The Miller clubfoot is light because it has no spark arrester built in to the end, just a big space,they are great for converting to single pipe systems.
  3. ady

    Motak Sherpa 280

    The piston is Gas GAS 74mm and the kickstart is cut, welded to the Bultaco spline and re plated.
  4. ady

    Motak Sherpa 280

    Tank is fiber and by shedworks,kickstart is rev 3,
  5. ady

    Motak Sherpa 280

    A couple of pics of the Motak Racing Sherpa 280,bike will be at Telford.
  6. The 175 had a blue frame and no bash plate,but I think it was more like a 158 frame.
  7. Hi,I fitted the Electrex ignition about 6 months ago after running points,all I can say is that it transformed the motor completely,it plonks down to nothing without stalling,picks up smoothly and revs out clean,the most noticable thing is the advance,when in top gear on a gradiant you can feel the advance making the motor pull strong on acceleration.The unit itself is quality and easy to fit and time up and im running the 3.5 weight,I changed the plug from a 7 to a 6 and its never missed a beat,only thing it mighy need now is a slightly bigger main jet for wot. As for the REH forks you can get them to work very well,I used Bultaco progressive springs and 250ml of 15 weight per leg,Id say they work as well as any of my other bikes.
  8. I fitted Electrex & its been superb.
  9. ady

    Bultaco Sherpa 340

    Hughs bultaco in the states sells them as a kit complete with snorkels.not that expensive either.
  10. ady

    Honda Tl 150 Piston

    Thanks for the replies.
  11. Can anybody remember what piston to use to pop out a TL 125.
  12. I use Ford Radiant red and Ford Moondust for the Silver, looks good.
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