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  1. Thanks for your authoritive response John, I personally don't want to demise the great work put in by the sacu and it's member/volunteers Just keen to grasp the future direction of Motorsport, And yes we do have a lot to learn so maybe have to make that long lonely trip down to a meeting, Regards Chris
  2. Well I've read all publication released from the sacu, My conclusion is, The new licence/ comp levy system has been designed to target the sacu's cash flow shortfall due to motocross now being split between sacu/mcf, In fairness I can appreciate that £5 is not a great sum of money, And the sacu have stated that the comp levy fund is to help future growth of all five motorcycle sport discipline's But my questions to the sacu? WHAT WILL BE DIFFERENT? WHAT IS THE BIG PICTURE? IS THERE ANY STRATEGY FOR THE FUTURE? Mx riders have not switched affiliation based on Sacu's cashflow they switched alliance's based on the Sacu's input to events mainly prize money. As a union there has been a higher premium commanded in each discipline, In a period when riders are picking and choosing which events to ride based on overall costs Does the Sacu have a future growth strategy that all this cash is being earmarked for? Or is this purely to generate funds and then decide what to do? I've heard riders in Scotland complain for a lot of years that they have had no support in Scotland mainly from the sports main governing body, Do they plan to help the success's of the future?
  3. No offence taken John, I'm merely just trying to understand this new radical concept. The same way most folk are. I'm sure all will come out in the wash, and we will be cracking open a fresh bottle of two stroke next year
  4. Thanks for highlighting my assumptions John, I have already discussed this topic in detail with our club, And my post is of no detriment to the club or landowners, I agree it is an assumption, based on limited and vague information published by the sacu Cheers Chris
  5. Really hoping for some light at the end of the tunnel on this topic, seems like a very dark tunnel at the moment, We currently run one trial per month we charge Adults
  6. Brilliant stuff, so we pretty much are all in it for the same reasons.
  7. The topic title says it all, I want to hear what people want from trials? I want to get better each time I ride, What i would like is for motorcycle trials to be a more like cycle trials, I find it brilliant to watch cycle trials riders out practising and trying different techniques and approach's to obstacles I recognise observed competitive motorycle trials is an event where each man ride's his own trial (which is good and I also enjoy that aspect) but I would like to see a shakedown type practise session at the start or end of each event where people practise and push themselves to try things and riding in groups does bring your riding on a lot in comparison to competition So what do you want?
  8. Lochaber mcc has a trial on the 27th venue to be confirmed, get in touch with this club as they have a strong local support and there may just be guys out riding anyway that you could tag along with for a day!
  9. I'm selling one if your interested, ;-)
  10. Jack sheppard was presented with the prize
  11. Hi all, Just reading about this weekends world round in the amazing setting of the Nevis range, There is a slot on the Saturday that says a Steve saunders trials training session for 2 hours, can someone explain in more detail what this might be? And is it for the public? Looking forward to it now, both days are looking pretty action packed! See you all in fort bill......
  12. Not sure what your point is, these guys choose to compete in a competion, it is exactly that it is first and foremost, if it is then a job you are payed to compete at you are lucky, these guys don't deserve anything they earn it!
  13. I think every year I've followed the world trials championship has been dynamic exciting and interesting, not forgetting this years shake up of rider and team pairing, don't you think? And none of which involved Toni bou! But People still talked about it! That's because it's a championship, do you think all these premiership football clubs spend millions upon millions of pounds on players, and think well lads is it worth it? Maybe we should just not turn up! I would imagine not..... Pune and wiggy will be supported until someone better comes along, not necesserally someone British but maybe.. Sheppard, Richardson so on.... I would not own a montesa for love nor money you are correct I choose to ride what bike I like, but a motorcycles development, reliability etc can only really be culminated by the best engineers and riders working together to create a fantastic product. Which in turn gives the Sunday riders like you and I a great bike to ride! Without this it's nothing! Probably what would be a privateers championship, Is this what you would like to see? Have some positivity about you! I would suggest it's probably this negative attitude that runs throughout the acu and is why there is no young blood supported in our great sport
  14. Mick Andrews Sammy miller Don smith Malcolm rathmell Graeme Jarvis Steve Saunders Steve colley Have you heard of any of these guys? All historical figures in our sport but none of them can call themselves a world champion, the first four may call themselves a European champion
  15. The answer to your question "is it worth while?" I would say absolutally yes, you have to consider these guys cv's they are the best trials riders in the world based on what they have done, be it junior champions, European champions, British champs, Italian etc etc, Yes Toni bou is ultimatally the best and most dominant rider on the world stage, but there is six or so manufacturers that all want the best rider in the world show casing they're product at the top level of our sport, To say is it worth the others turning up is ludicrous, I want more riders at the top level and more manufacturers making bikes and entering teams that means they are selling bikes and our sport is popular, It's just interesting to me that montesa Honda are reluctant to take out a new machine whilst the others are trying hard developing bikes at a sustainable rate in today's climate, maybe that would be the spanner in the works the wtc is after, yes bou is the best in the world on the best bike in the world but what about a change of bike? I'm not saying the bike is better than bou, would just be interesting to see him on a new machine from a confidence and reliability perspective etc
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