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  1. Any idea where I can get regs for this and where it is. The ACU site says it's at Great Wood near Hambledon, which I assume they mean Hambleden. Sorted and entry in. Thanks.
  2. Don't worry pal. Just a bunch of yanks swearing doesn't do it for my generation. Good of you to post it up - we've got mutes! Thinking about it, not sure that an Abba soundtrack would have added to it either.
  3. Great video with the sound off! The yo mo fo soundtrack adds nothing.
  4. Just found an excellent source for Montesa clothing in Spain, but can't fathom sizes from the web site! Anybody out there speak spanish? Great site www.jbanyeres.com
  5. Anybody know where I can get some. I see they have them in LewisSport in the US, but not found any in the UK
  6. Don't know yet. Just waiting for my 2012 repsol to arrive from BVM. Only had 2 strokes before, but I only mess about in the clubmans and in the woods at home in the winter. The summer is for track days on my Ducati. Just like the noise and orange bits really!
  7. Had a nasty fall from my Ducati last week, so have decided to leave the road and go back to clubman trials and track days. Just ordered a new Repsol 4rt ready for when my bones are mended, and I expect to sell the Ducati when she's back from the menders and get either an 1198 or Blade for next years track days. Not been on the site for probably 3 years and had a trials bike for a couple of years - since 09 Raga 300, but already looking forward to wobbling about in the woods again.
  8. Hope this isn't a silly question - but you could have left the choke on? I did so in a trial and it took me 3 sections to understand why the bike was revving and missing sporadically.
  9. Cherished number prices can vary immensely - I negotiated nearly 75% (
  10. On and Off boots come well up, and have a good sole that stands up to titanium pegs. They give you firm support. Gok Wan wears them. They are supple enough for pole dancing as well as trials. I have been drinking beer.
  11. Prefer the Gas Gas over my previous Beta. Kickstart is on the proper side, the air box doesn't let in so much muck, and the general design and build quality seems to be slightly better. Great bike.
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