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  1. I have some Marku Alen videos will upload them to my streetfire account ! care to share some history Totalshell ?? love those cars and the history of them ! Cheers, Ed
  2. One more http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/624101/aab...killer_b_s.html
  3. Hi Lee, My problem is the "didnt work=did not lift and separate", the oil i used was Valvoline durablend wich was in the bike before i did the last oil change. Will try the 6th gear trick like you suggested maybe that will seperate them. Too bad it started and run really well ! Cheers, Ed
  4. Took my 125 with me on my holiday in Slovenia and all worked fine. Did an oilchange on the 3rd day i was there just to be sure and after that my clutch stopped to work ?? Tried to run it for an hour to get the clutch to work but no luck, any idea's ? Tia, Ed
  5. Maybe Lee can help you out ? he only likes the front forks of Sections
  6. Welcome Samo ! Where do you live ? will go to Slovenia very soon will stay in Bled and will bring a trial bike with me. Maybe we could meet if you are near Bled ? Cheers, Ed
  7. Mine is like Jaan described and i'm not crazy about it either to be honest, but maybe that's because mine is bend and well used. Jaan i've seen what great job you did on the footpegs ! maybe it's time for a Jaan Cota Brakelever Mod ? i would buy one Cheers, Ed
  8. Great job Jaan ! they look great Cheers, Ed
  9. Thanks for the measurements Chewy ! i tried the Section footpegs and they did fit with some work only the holes were different . Maybe i should get some new pegs and weld new mounts ? the bike needs lots of work anyway Only pictures (3) i posted are on my TC Garage account so i dont think it's me .
  10. Mine are bend badly and tried to straighten them but with no luck. Have a Section for parts and tried them but the holes don't line up. Should i weld up the holes on the section ones and drill new holes or is there and alternative that would bolt on without mods ? Cheers, Ed
  11. That's a great picture thanks for sharing What year was this picture taken ? Cheers, Ed
  12. I like the first one best ! i'm trying to make something like that for my beater 125 love the gold wheels on the other bike. Package arrived Lee thanks !! Cheers, Ed
  13. Thanks guys will try with the airbox off ! Lee not yet it allways takes 4/5 days for parcels from Germany i'm sure it will be here tomorrow. Regards, Ed
  14. Hey Guys, Is there any way to remove the exhaust without taking the head off on a 79/80 model 125 ? Did take off the carb but no luck yet would like to take it off for paint Cheers, Ed
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