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  1. I have a standard 2015 4rt and would like to upgrade the rear shock spring as I weigh 102 kg

    I have from a previous beta Evo a heavy duty spring which is the same diameter as the Montesa but is 13 mm longer however the standard spring was wound up around 15 mm so would there be any reason why the longer spring would not work if not wound up to same length as previous

  2. I have a 2009 evo 125cc in mint condition and due to the poor part ex deals offered against a 200cc upgrade i wondered if anybody has converted a 125cc to a 200cc .If so is at more than changing piston and head or can 125 head be bored to 200,do the jets need changing and the million dollar question COST !!!

  3. i have just bought a second hand 125 08 and find that the clutch grabs or is very sharp is their a mod that can be done to smooth it out as other bikes the same i had been on seemed a lot smoother someone told me to take 3 springs out from the clutch !would this work

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