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Dad's C15

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Looking for some links or advice on where to get parts / services etc for restoring my old man's BSA.

It was parked in this spot back in '66 and hasn't moved since.


Although i've been around and raced bikes since i was 5, i've never had or ridden a trials bike let alone a 45 year old british one! I have to confess right now i've always been more interested in Motocross. However, the more i see his C15 sitting there at rest the more i'm compelled to restore it. I want to re-build this one just as it it is, the objective isn't to make it into some lightweight special, so no replacement forks with modern internals or cheater mods.

Just looking to strip it, paint / powder coat / polish all metal work, renew the shocks, re-build forks, re-build the motor, brakes etc

Want to get it looking good and riding like it did when auld willie road it in trials north of Glasgow and down in Ayrshire as a kid. Only modern thing i'd like to do is utilise a PVL or Boyer Brandsen.

Can anyone reccomend:

The best trials specific ignition system for a C15 and where to buy it?

Where to get forks serviced or are the standard internals straight forward to service?

Where to buy Motor service parts?

Any good websites to look at BSA / classic trial bike restoration?

Sorry for all the questions and souding like such a noobie - i'm sure i'll bother you lot even more once the resto is under way!

Here's some more pics as she stands just now.




354 miles from new! You'd never guess from the state of it!



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Hi Guys,

Hi .Ewan

Taking a look at the pictures of the Old Bike makes me think that it is a bit more than a customer 1959 C15T.

the Kick start like this was only fitted on the works bikes of the time, alloy tank was a replacment for the steel one fitted but it still has the steel hubs fitted to customer bikes, check out it's full history, as there are not many like this left, restore it as it is , if you do fit PVL ignition (Alan Whitton). leave the distributor in place(for show) to keep it original. Fork tubes are available from a Wassel agent, Good Luck with the project. and keep us Old Timer's in touch with the outcome.( a good web site for information about C15's, is www.bsa-c15.org.uk) Good pictures of a C15t in Trials Riding by Max King, book. Would put some pictures on if I could get them to work. Perhaps, "Big John" could put them on I bet he has the book.

Regards. Charlie.

Edited by charlie prescott

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I agree restore as standard.

We have a couple of C15S with all the right bits.

There are any number of parts out there to build a competative bike.

If you start on this you will change almost everything.

PS I thought the kickstart was standard on the comp bikes, as ours have them fitted.

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Hi Guys,

Yes you are right about the kickstart, Iv'e done my homework since and they were fitted to customer bikes, it was the shock of seeing one so standard,that thru me, and mine at the time didn't have one like this.

As you say all the bits are out there, but just clean and re Chrome the bits you have.The engine may only need new bearings and a grind in of the valves after a clean up,( if miles are correct).

All the bits to overhaul the monoblock carb are available, seat can be re covered. and Dunlop pattern tyres can be found.

Good Luck Again


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