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A Blast From The Past, 1982 Scottish 6 Day Trial Pictures.


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99 - Maya Feraud - name rings a bell, seem to remember the poncy pink clobber, (Davie Hunter Dunfermiline Club, went to smack him for taking the pi55 in the Parc ferme, Him and Berlatier ripping it out cos he'd bust his foot rest...going to do our bit for the Entente Cordiale)

Thanks Baldilocks, had a thought that who he was.

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GORI 1982:

No.16 Paul Sagar?

No. 26 A Puckrose

No31 Tony Calvert (def. not him)

No. 127 J. Kelly

John Hulme rode No. 213 but its deffo not him..

224 Frank McMullen, seriously not him!

249 was Hooky

Big John


Sorry to drag this thread up from the past but does anybody have a photo of a Gori rider on LCN 43X, the last time it was taxed was for the 1982 Scottish and it still has parts marked up


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