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Suspension Adjusting


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hi all, i have a gasser with ohlins rear sus

1. i was wondering if there is a way of adjusting the compression on it?

2. is ohlins standard rear sus and what is SACHS rear sus is it better?

3. how do i top the front for fluid up?

4. i wouldn't mind getting it re-buildl and the front sus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I can try and help you with some of the questions you ask!

1st the ohlins rear shock absorber is far superior to the sachs unit

and are about the best suspension units money can buy,the raga

versions had ohlins units fitted.

They are ajustable for preload and compression and rebound damping

As reguards having the shock serviced if it is needed there are many

ohlins service agents advertised that will sort it for you!

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I think i need my suspension sorting on my gasser it doesnt spring back up really ... dampening ??

Im on a 280 and my shock is black i thought just the ohlins came in black because someone i know has a 125 and theyre shock is yellow and thought all 07s came with sachs or ohlins? that correct?

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I beleive that the Ohlins came on the Ragas and the 2006 models. The adjustment on the shock is for rebound and the spring can be adjusted for pre-load. I read somewhere that the compression is internally adjusted proportionally to the rebound setting but can't verify that. The feel of the Ohlins v Sachs is personal; both are very good I don't think that you can say that one is better than the other. Changing the oil in the front forks: the compression side (left) is not too bad, just go by the manual; the rebound (right) is a very messy affair as you have to fill the cartridge before you install it back into the fork. The only way to fill the forks is by the measurement method. I hope that this helps a bit.


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