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Kermit Bike

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Brilliant pictures! Many thanks for posting them up.

The early bike does seem to have an Italjet engine, albeit with different side cases. I would say with 100% certainty that it isn't a Bultaco engine with Italjet cases, as the kickstart lever is definatley on the RHS. Also, the hexagonal effect of the crankcase is replicated on the Italjet outer case, suggesting that the engine was modified from the Ducati dies from the outset. The rear exhaust box looks to be a modified Bultaco one.

The frame of the earliest bike looks to be Bultaco, as does the swinging arm. The frame downtube by the kickstarter has the Bultaco bend quite clear, whereas the later bike (with the green cases) has the Italjet frame with straight rear downtubes.

The first two Bernie photos are what appear to be the earliest bike he had the good run on, with possibly Bultaco rolling chassis, the last two are the "production" bike he disliked, and used from late 1980 to mid 81.

My bike is identical to the bike in the last two pictures, with single outlet exhaust, right hand gear change etc.. This differs in many ways to the "over the counter" bike which was available from Mid 1981 on (after Bernie had switched to SWM). The frame and tank are different etc.

All good stuff!

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