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White Exhaust Fumes

aye sparticus

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Hi i have a 06 Gas GAS 250 use 50:1 mix with no problems but have noticed

yesterday that the exhaust fumes seemed very white(so much so i thought there had been

a new pope elected)

havent done anything different

water ingress somewhere??

clean with a power washer but always careful round wheel bearings

and engine casings

mix to rich/weak?

any help would be great

it isn't having any effect on the performance of the bike

but hate to ignore it incase it's something that could cause problems later

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After experiencing some white/smokey exhaust fumes at the weekend

i decided after some advice from this board to check for water ingress

on taking the plug out it looks well oily and fouled ...so before i start

taking the rest apart

it looks like my mix is to rich using pre mix at 50:1 been advised 80:1

also seen 66:1 mentioned as the correct mix ????????

The bike is a Gas Gas pro 250 2006 model

so what mix do you use

and what brand of 2 stroke premix is the least smokey

any advice from the good people of the forum

much appreciated


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have you accidently got your exhaust packing wet whilst jet washing ?

does it run ok ?

Yeah it runs fine

this may be a possibility

the kids were "helping" me to clean the bike

on Sunday

but also on the premix ratio 50:1 maybe a bit rich

what do you think/use/advise???

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Repsol Synthetic is pretty well smoke free!! But if the plug and piston are very oily and there was very visible white smoke then it could be gearbox oil being sucked in past a worn crank seal on the primary drive side, is the gearbox oil level dropping? Have you definitely ruled out condensation due to very cold weather?

Hope this helps!


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