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Jackson Record Under Threat?


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Maybe maybe not K, would the C of C toughen up more sections to get points of the top one or two if they were cleaning every day ?

If Browny, fived it and Doug got a two, it must of been a fair section for the SSDT.

According to the results sheet, the section was cleaned by Ben Hemmo and Rich Timps. ;) Don't think I will here the last of this from Timps though, especially if these are the only marks Doug drops all week.

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Video footage of the Section Of The Day coming up on the SSDT results site shortly...including Hemmo's clean and Dougie's two. ;)

Needless to say, the video footage is courtesy of TC's own Bigfoot and Fugly....cheers lads!

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You know when normal people practice they get a section that they keep doing for a one but just cant clean, so they do it again and again and again. Does Dougie losing marks mean he's coming back next year to try and clean the trial ?

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