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Towbar Rack


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Hi jcr,

I've had a Dave Cooper rack for lots of years and have found it very good. Hasn't had much use for a while as I'm normally heading off with No1 son so has to be the trailer but I've never had any problems when I have used it.

Tie down points work ok but I usually use another couple of ratchet straps here and there for extra security. Not sure how good it'll be on your Zafira though? I've always had it on 4x4's, the spare wheel on the back door acts as a good main stay!

Hope this helps ?

GJ ;)

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ive had another member with a dave cooper rack fitted to a vectra and he rated it very highly,how easy is it to get the bike into it can one person manage it easy enough?

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I can highly recommend the Dave Cooper bike rack

have it fitted to my Ford C-max which is around the same

size and height as the Zafira it replaced

easy getting the bike on and off

and the two wheel sections come off easy for storage

couple off ratchet tie downs and your away

don't have the room to store a trailer so for me

it was the only option


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Please do ensure you are not overloading your vehicle.

Check your handbook, look under the towing section.

See what your max noseweight is.

have a look at our rack autowbars.co.uk

For a van, mpv etc we recommend the 4x4 rack

as it brings the bike a little further away from the back of the vehicle.

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Here are a couple of pics of my rack.

The bike is well secured in the wheel hoops and is strapped to the rear tyre for stability.

Very easy to load and unload, really travels well on the Honda.





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