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Oko Carb For A Bultaco Sherpa


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Oko carbs are just a copy of the Keihn used as after market modifications ( more power ) on modern bikes. They were aavailable here in Oz for a while, but the price difference to a Keihn was not that much so most stuck with the Keihn. I have not heard of any complaints but there may be some comments on the Trials Australia web site blog

I run a Keihn flatslide on my M199a and its a dream

Regarding Mikuni, the Australian importers claim the smallest round slide slide carby available is a 36mm. Mikuni was always the popular choice in the 70s. That leaves taking a huge chance buying one in the wreckers ( breakers ) and getting something with adjustment screws on the wrong side of the carby body. Not to mention worn slide barrels ( yes folks they do wear, but as fast as an Amal Mk 1 ) and bent needle jet holders

Go the Keihn

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I've been told by a couple of people who have used them (not on Bultacos) that they perform well, straight out of the box without any need to re-jet. I'm still sceptical about that but they reckon so. I know someone who has one on a 240 Fantic with pilot re-jetted and it works well as a replacement for his clapped out dellorto. However, I know someone else who also had the same fitted to his 240 Fantic but he said it was no better than the dellorto on his which was in good order. Only thing to do is try one and be prepared to write off

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contact someone who has experience with these carbs

trialtech@optusnet.com.au is a trials specialist and qualified mechanic. He does carb conversions using OKO and/or Keihin carbs, provides a warranty, parts back-up and technical help to his clients. He has done quite a bit of testing of this carb and knows his stuff

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