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Great Lakes Metamora Event Sept 7


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I figured I would open up a topic for our up coming event. We have been working on the event since before Rose City so our plan is to wrap it all up this weekend.

Goal for the event again is to have straight forward lines where everything can be ridden without hopping. That is if you can hold a line. Hopping is a plus to better line but not necessary. Exp class may have a little hopping necessary but that is to be expected.

We have 2 new natural sections and we are also using a spot back at the old sawmill (creek) that we haven't used in a long time with a new line for all.

10 sections 4 laps. As always I am sure we are going to be hurting for checkers so anyone interested in helping that would be great!

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This is an awesome trials for those who have not joined us before.

Its a little hard to find but keep going down the dirt road several miles (Brocker) until it makes a hard left.

Thats when you turn right following the signs to Sherpa Farms Picknick.

The loop is big which is great to get your breath back and the sections are always well thought out. With no two alike

Come join us for a great time in the woods. The hike alone is beautiful and these guys put some real work into making it fun.


--Biff (who loves mud)

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With the rain we will be making a couple new sections that are water friendly so we can remove a couple slick hillside sections.

maybe some small rolling rock sections on fence rows would be nice?

With the SPT class growing recently we are putting more attention into that line. It should be nice! Nothing dangerous at all to worry about.

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Excellent trial! Sure did enjoy those SPT lines, particularly Jim Gawne's section - it had a bit of everything.

Thanks for all the hard work folks, it showed. Finished with 44 points, just where I like to be in terms of difficulty/lingering pain. Can't ask for more than that!

Miss the ex Great Lakes Radwick clan too, hope all is well in Ca.

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