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Interesting 340 Bulto


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Just spotted this on ebay 340 Bulto

For all those observant ones amongst us, its a Mono.

Now I think this one may have originated from down in the Wessex centre, as I can remember a local rider who did the conversion using a Fornales air shock from the first model JCM. The bike was tested in TMX by Martin Strang, Geoff Parken and Nibs Kellet.

Unless anyone knows different


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Hi Martin,

Yes, I did have a good look at this particular bike on e-bay two nights ago. I do remember such a project to try and keep a Bultaco competitive amongst the newly arrived Yamaha TY250R/Fantic Prog 1 etc etc. I think it was done around 1985/86. Other than that my memory is vague!

Big John

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I don't know how common they are around the world but there was one a bit like that in our club until 2 years ago when he finally got sick of my complaining and converted it back to being a lovely, standard, M198A.

As a monoshock it looked hideous to my eyes, having USD forks from an early 1990s Fantic and a modified Pursang swingarm and front and rear disc brakes. The linkage mechanism and shock were from a TY250N.

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