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01 Beta Rev3 250 Electrical Problems

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Gday, I have what I think is an 01 Rev 3 wiring diagram and it doesnt show all the stator wiring. What I can work out is -

Red to Black - (one coil) should be either the lighting or most likely the Ignition coil - test between these wires and one of them to the frame. (disconnected from any other wiring first!)

Yellow to Brown (one coil) looks like the lighting coil, test as above

Plain Black should be a ground, no resistance to the frame - possible problem area! There may be 2 black wires, one from a coil which also may be grounded on the stator plate.

I imagine that the remaining wires are the trigger. (Black/White and White) Test between each wire, should be no ground and about 200 ohms.

It might pay to remove the stator and physically trace each wire to see where it goes so we can get a bit accurate here. The manual and wiring diagram is poor at best and incomplete so not a lot of help. If you do this use a proper flywheel extractor, the cost will far outweigh the trouble you can give yourself by not using one!



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Well done Stork, sounds reasonable to me.

When I rewound my GS550 alternator, I went to a transformer winder and they measured the wire for me and sold me enough for 3 rewinds for a quid. I then counted the turns off the former and wound the right number on by hand. Once happy, I took it back to the winders and they dipped it in hameg laquer and baked it on for me. I'd be confident of doing the same to any stator coil. Certainly, if it's Donald Ducked I'd have nothing to lose!

I did exactly the same to my Suzuki back in the 80s although I couldn't get the rewinder to finish the job so I used to use Araldite! It worked for a while - I must have done it 4 times in all. Got fed up and flogged it in the end. Ah - the good old days - plenty of time but no money, now I got none of either! :guinness:

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On 18/11/2008 at 11:31 AM, grahamjayzee said:

Blanc, This was my problem!

It's attached to the black plastic shield (presumably to preven vibration damage). The top mounting bolt incorporates an earth lead on nice flimsy 16 or 20/0.2 wire. There was no star washer to bite into the earth tag. If I were you I'd take the radiator out and get into this area and check all the wiring.

Could you please go a little further in detail about the wiring from the CDI to the coil? I am having trouble with my 00 rev 3. currently I have the red wire attached to the spade tab on the coil, and the brown wire bolted to the coil through the plastic cover/protector. Should there also be a earth encourperated Onto this? 

Thanks in advanced Lloyd 

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