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Yamaha Ty250 Tweaks


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Hi ! Anyone ever fit an alloy swingarm wheel & Disc to a TY mono from another bike, it seems it would be a great mod. The early gas-gas look similar ? Mine is a drum brake 84-87 TY250 Mono red frame. With a normal pinging motor ....PWK28 on the way from an yz85

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Take some mesaurements and search at evil, and a TIG-welder is good to know :) . I found a cheap GG-00 swinging arm but didnt bid, might have worked.

Im very surpriced about the TYR weight, an ally mod like available for TLR would be nice.

About disc conversion, have messaured some modern hubs and there is space enough at TYR ~160mm. No probs.

Make a calip bracket for AP-08 or some MX-65cc, fit pump is easy to do, std lever could probably be adjusted for pump piston joint.

Have a nice rear wheel and thought about doing the conversion last summer, but rebuilded std shield instead, now Im in control (went from GG-06 front/beatennonrearbrake over lots of year) handling improvement is an understatement :guinness: Power is more than enough with TYR-drum, but the handling and reaction time are improvements with disc.

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Back in the late '80s or early '90s a small quantity of alloy swingarms and rear disc brake conversions were imported to the UK from Japan for the TY mono. I don't know what company made them but remember Mick Andrews saying about them. If anyone knows of where a kit is I would be interested in buying it (alan.roe@challoners.com)

Having said that the stock drum brake is great - pretty powerful, plenty of feel and fairly waterproof - especially with a Talon hub.

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I definitely remember those alloy swinging arms being mentioned in TMX at the time, and seem to recall that they were very expensive even back then - like 250 quid or so. I suspect the were Mitani. Why not give Nigel a call, he will remember, or Shirty as his dad was Yam importer at the time.

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