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Oko Carb


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Pay the man in Southampton for the info, or do the development yourself. It is not that much extra.

You are right there. I took the sizes ioff the post. By the time you buy a set of pilot and main jets, then needles and then make an adapter you can buy on already jetted and just bolt it on. It will be cheaper and better cos if you get the jets close, the opilot circuit still wont be right and you will get no fun out of it. Speak to Chris at classictrial and let him do it propoerly. it IS worth the small amount extra.

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oko in general

Can't speak for Fantics but I have fitted a 26mm OKO to a 320 Majesty and it ran perfectly, started first kick, straight from the box, no mods or even adjustment of the pilot screw. It will stand on its back wheel from idle in 3rd gear and revs it nuts off so the carburation is working right from idle to full throttle. I've just put a 28mm OKO on another 320 (bought for a Bultaco) just to try it and got the same result. No adjustment, 3rd gear off idle and it's on the back wheel. That engine isn't yet run in yet so I can't say whether that carb revs right through.

I'm not saying one thing or another here and I may have been lucky that the jetting just suits a 320 Majesty, but from that experience the pilot circuit is working fine on those two carbs.

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