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Scorpa 4 Stroke?


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I posted this text on thumpertalk and just copied and pasted it here. Some of the content is appropriate for this thread.

I have a 2007 Scorpa SY250F and I have been quite happy with it. I am not sure why anyone would say that it is loud because most of the 4-strokes I have heard are very quiet. From quiet to loud I would say the order for 4-strokes would be:

Beta 250 / 300, Scorpa SY250F, Sherco 3.2, and the loudest is the Montesa. Of these four the only one that I feel is louder than typical 2-strokes, in normal operating conditions, is the Montesa. At an idle the Montesa is very, very quiet but at any rpm above that the sound level is inappropriate, even with all the stock exhaust restrictors in place. The Beta is easily quieter than any trials bike produced. The SY250F has a robust tone but is similar in volume to trials 2-strokes. The Sherco 3.2 may be a little louder at high rpms but mere mortals won

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I've got an 2008 sy-250r. And quite frankly i love it!! :wub: had an 08 beta before and its ten folds better. the only critisism is that its a b**ch to get to the carb but as it is a scorpa not a beta you dont have to worry about it every weekend.

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I have to say I really liked the look of the Scorpa 4t but sadly I couldn't get on with it, so I've stayed with the 2t for another year.

On the other hand, the new Beta Evo 290 (switched to 'soft') felt spot on from the moment I started it; so providing they prove to be reliable.....

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