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Did Jay L. See This?


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That's Danny Messmore's 250 Hodaka special that uses a modified KT250 frame.

About 80% down the page


you'll find some more photos that Danny sent me, plus some of his 125 Hodaka trials project.



Mmm, a quick skim through tat large post did not find it, but I did see a comparison item between Kawa and Bulto! Maybe where that came from? Later!

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Yep, I've seen it alright. It's won the bike show at Hodaka Days at least twice and may continue to do so indefinitely!

Danny has shown that he can build trials bikes with the best of 'em. His build quality and finish are truly second to none! When complimented he usually looks down at his shoes and mumbles something to the effect of, "Aw... it's just allot of elbow grease is all." This guy is tough too! A couple of years back he broke his wrist in the first section of the trial at Hodaka Days, then proceeded to finish the trial! I think he even got an award for third place if memory serves correctly. I guess that's how they do it in Minot.

The bike is a KT 250/Thunderdog 250 hybrid. The amazing part is the way this bike runs and rides! It is truly an impressive performer and not just a trailer queen.

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I've been busy creating the latest vintage Hodaka Trialer for a guy in Spokane. I owe him for doing machine work and porting services etc. The new bike is almost roughed out and just needs a couple working days put into it before it will be delivered to Ron for final assy as a frame kit, sort of like a Rickman, but not as pretty. I will post photos of it at some point when my camera is working again.

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