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Mota/trials Inc. Event! April 4th + 5th


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I was really missing this event enough before I saw the video..... now I am really feeling like I missed a great time! Too many things to do and not enough days to do them. Glad to see that your knee is better and got you back on the podium Jim!

It sure sounds like you put togehter another top notch event Sam!

The Refurbish of old Faithfull is still slowly taking shape in the garage- (I have lots of spare time between midnight and 6:00am every night) Here is a pic of the "new blue 2004". (so far) Still waiting for some parts to finish.


See you guys soon (will try to make it to Flint- not sure though).


Can't wait to see it on the trial. Hope to see you soon. Sell some trees!


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Thanks Sam - and the TI folks as well. Can we do that again? That scoring system TI uses is a good one too. Also enjoyed the mix of dry on Sat and wet on Sun. Jeff's still on cloud nine with his 2nd place Adv on Sunday.

Kjax...we will see you at Flint.

Milford Trials Team

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Speaking for the family great event! It was a nice intro into the season. Thank You and everyone involved for the hard work to make it happen.

Yes the pre registration was great! It would be great for MOTA to have a system like that. I spoke with Lester and he did point out some

things that must be thought about like a generator is needed, Printer - ink- paper expense, and operators that are will and able to operate

at each event. Still I think the money is in the clubs so it should be discussed. I am sure all agree how nice it is to have lap results and final scores so fast.

Sign up and event due to pre sign up was great!

Again Sam a big Thanks and I hope that your lawn did not look to bad after everyone pulled out. At least it is the growing season.

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Incredible trials as usual, I had a great time. The sections were fun and enjoyable to ride.

It was nice to ride with riders from other states and make some new friends. All in all I think a great time was had by all.

Can't wait until next year. Hope to see you in Flint. - Don

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We had a great time!

I want to say thanks to Phil for allowing us to use TI's computer scoring. Also, thanks to Biff for help on reaching out to MOTA members via internet.

Once again, we where amazed how tidy everyone kept the place, no trash left about, Thank You.

Ride of the weekend, Saturday section #3 first loop, little greasy, steep hill side, big log off camber for Intermediate/Senior, I was nervous, many riders struggling. Dick Debolt takes a look at the trap, hops on his bike and cleans it no problem, Awsome!

Other highlights, The Howard family playing horse shoes till the middle of the night and then hanging zippy's bike 6/7 ft. in the air. Zippy and I are drinking coffee looking out the window in the morning and Biff saying, Zip is that your bike hanging there?

Everyone enjoyed watching 14 yr. old Chase Harker battle 18 Experts, that kid rides good! Will be fun to watch him progress.

Then, the Ironman award should be given to Jim Gwane, the guy had Knee surgery that went slightly bad over the winter, Comes back to Win on Sunday over all, great job again Jim!

We had 3'' of snow on Monday! My wife and I decided to split to Florida for a 4 day get away, we are now Sun burnt and headed home.

Thanks Again Everyone, Great time!


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I'm glad to hear everyone had a blast over at Sam's...

And I'm sad I was not there... but I had also an event that weekend and roughly 4500 miles away...

But whenever I visit the next time I'll see that I'll make it to an event!

Zippy, I like the look of the bike in the tree! Good idea for crowded Europ to save parking space :dunce:

right now temperature is over 70 in Germany and sunshine... awesome trials weather!!! (in fact so good that I even went to practice downhill!!)

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Ya sure you could not ride one event and then make the trip to the other event the same day? You just don't sound committed to it. :D

When the ground is full only way to go is UP!!!

That weather must have been wonderful to get you to voluntarily practice downhill. :dunce:

Will see ya next time yer over here for a visit!!

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